Briley S. Kenney

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Zephyrhills, FL


  • Over ten years of experience writing about technology, including topics like smart home tech, mobile devices, wearables, gaming, and more.
  • Ghostwriter/copywriter for several confidential content producers and brands.
  • Publications featured in Tech Cocktail, Website Magazine, UnmatchedStyle, CMS Critic, Digital Connect Mag, and many more.
  • Served as a game script and events writer for the Tales of Illyria series, producing over 250,000 words of unique content across three games.


For over ten years, Briley Kenney has been writing technology related content for a variety of sites and publications. He's been working with technology for twice as long.

He started out writing product descriptions for a (now defunct) company called ProductWiki. From there, he created content for websites such as Uberoid, The Tech Labs, Bright Hub, and Android focused sites like AndroidPit or Android Headlines.

Later, Briley worked for Code 9 Media, managing many of the company’s properties, including, CodeConquest, and AMPTutorial. He also handled social media accounts, created marketing materials, and more.

Currently, Briley works for a confidential content marketing company producing SEO friendly material on a wide range of topics, from B2B marketing to modern manufacturing and development tech has been on the docket.

Another confidential company hired Briley to produce content for the brand’s products and services, related to live events technology. Briley often writes from the perspective of a company representative and occasionally as the brand’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO). All work produced for these confidential firms is published under a different byline. Chances are, you’ve read Briley’s content many times and didn’t know it.

Today, Briley serves as a smart home and tech guru over at Ideaing. He also helps to manage a small e-commerce site called Nerdformer.


Briley Kenney does not currently hold any formal degrees, but he did attend a programming certification curriculum (Computer Programming Specialist, CCC) through Hillsborough Community College.

A Message from Briley S. Kenney

“I’ve always been fascinated with technology and I love tinkering with new gadgets both on the hardware and software side. But it’s being able to share that knowledge and experience with everyone else that truly makes it worthwhile.”

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