Brian Tallerico


Brian Tallerico has been extensively and passionately covering the entertainment industry for over a decade. His passion for Sony's breakthrough console stretches back to the first PlayStation and he eagerly awaits each new development from the most important gaming company in the history of the medium. From "Twisted Metal" to "inFamous", "Crash Bandicoot" to "Uncharted," "Hot Shots Golf" to "God of War" -- the Sony Playstation company has led the way when it comes to video game entertainment and Brian has been there for the entire ride.


With a critical background that stretches all the way back to music reviews for his Junior High newspaper, Brian has written for dozens of online and print outlets, including,,,, The Deadbolt, Screenwriter's Voice, Screen Talk, Lucid, Stumped Magazine, Actress Archives, and more. He has edited Magill's Cinema Annual since the 2009 edition and is now the Editor of and a regular contributor to New York Magazine's website, Vulture.


Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Brian went to school at Kalamazoo College on the west side of the state, studying theater and film and honing his critical skills by working at the school newspaper for all four years. He took the opportunity while there to study theater at Cambridge University in England on a foreign study program.

A Message from Brian Tallerico

I can vividly remember the first time I played "Super Mario Bros." at a friend's house when I was a little kid. The strongest part of the memory is how I couldn't sleep later that night as visions of the bouncing plumber in red entered my dreams. I keep playing games for the power that the best ones have to spark the imagination and bring out that wide-eyed kid in all of us. From "Doom" to "Madden" to "Red Dead Redemption," one of the most wonderful things about the world of video games for me is the diversity. The best games in the history of the form run the gamut from family-based entertainment to goofy platformers to sports titles to realistic shooters. And any one of them could be the next video game to inspire a boy to dream.

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