Brian Hall

Brian S Hall
Brian S Hall.

Brian S Hall

I have written for Macworld, Toms Guide, GigaOm, Forbes, Techpinions, and corporate sites. I love writing about tech because I think it empowers users and connects the world. 


Before writing about tech, I helped build it–including security software and even hydrogen fuel cells. I have a master's degree in telecommunications, which led me to help build and market billing software, IP management software, digital certificates, and fast-charging hydrogen fuel cells for mobile devices. I found myself involved more in marketing and communications, and this led me to writing about tech, educating about tech.

I wrote a series of reviews on parental monitoring software, particularly for parents of at-risk children, and was an early proponent of bitcoin and blockchain technology. I suffer from hearing loss and write about "hearables" and voice-activated tools, such as Alexa or Siri. 


University of Michigan 

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