Brenna Miles

  • More six years experience writing for publications such as WPWorks and Network Management Software
  • Small business owner and copywriter in the technology, business and marketing space
  • B.S. in Business Management with a specialization in Human Resource Management

Brenna Miles is a freelance writer who began writing for agencies and small businesses in 2013. She enjoys bringing creativity into the writing equation, finding innovative ways to help readers understand and think. Her love for technology and passion for helping others come together into articles, white papers, how-to guides, email newsletters, and blogs. 


Starting in 2013, Brenna landed her first gig with a small online agency. After discovering her interest in technology, she began working with a small software development company, writing content for white papers, blogs and articles. Following this interest, she continued to work with software developers, Software as a service (SaaS) vendors and creators, and ERP litigation attorneys.

Brenna has since found herself writing for websites such as WPStuffs, Network Management Software and more. She has continued to write in the network management, business, and marketing space which she continues to do daily as a full-time freelancer. Through running her own content business, Brenna gathered insight into the small business world and the technology it takes to be productive. 

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Brenna graduated from The University of Phoenix with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree, with a specialization in human resource management.

Brenna Miles

"I believe that technology content should do more than take up space. Even though complex, it should inspire, make an audience think, and evoke emotion. Whether you're reading about a complex topic or a short tutorial, the goal should be the same: add value and make a difference." 

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