How to Breed Horses in Minecraft

Tame two horses, feed them golden food, and you're good to go

There's no need to traverse the overworld on two legs when you know how to breed horses in Minecraft. All you need is two tame horses and some Golden Carrots or Golden Apples.

Information in this article applies to Minecraft on all platforms.

How to Breed a Horse in Minecraft

Before you can start a horse family, you'll need to find a couple of horses and tame them.

  1. Find two horses. Horses can be found grazing in plains and savannas. Horses don't have genders in Minecraft, so any two will do.

    To make things easier, craft a Lead and tie your horses to a fence post so that they don't run off.

    Two horses tied to posts in Minecraft
  2. Tame the horses. While not holding anything in your hand, interact with a horse to climb on top of it. It will probably throw you off a couple of times, but keep trying until you see hearts floating over its head.

    Riding a horse with hearts over its head in Minecraft
  3. Get 2 Golden Apples or 2 Golden Carrot. They can be found in treasure chests, or you can craft them.

    To make a Golden Apple, put 1 Apple in the center of a Crafting Table and 8 Gold Ingots in the remaining boxes. To make Gold Ingots, smelt Raw Gold using a Furnace.

    Golden Apple recipe in a Crafting Table in Minecraft

    To make a Golden Carrot, put 1 Carrot in the center of a Crafting Table, then put 8 Gold Nuggets in the remaining boxes. You can obtain Gold Nuggets by mining Nether gold ore with a pickaxe.

    Golden Carrot recipe in a Crafting Table in Minecraft
  4. With your horses close together, equip the Gold Apples or Carrots and use them on each horse. When they both have hearts over their heads, they'll make a baby horse.

    Feeding Golden Carrots to horses with hearts over their heads in Minecraft
  5. Wait 20 minutes and your baby horse will grow into an adult. To make it grow faster, give your baby horse apples, hay, sugar, or wheat.

    Before you can ride a horse, you must make a saddle.

    Feeding an apple to a baby horse in Minecraft

How Do I Make a Horse of a Different Color?

Horses in Minecraft can be seven different colors with various patterns. The appearance of a baby horse is largely random. Baby horses have a higher chance of looking like one of their parents, but they could end up looking completely different. If you desire a specific color, try breeding two horses of that color. A baby horse's health, speed, and jumping strength stats are also determined by its parents.

How Do You Breed a Mule in Minecraft?

To make a mule in Minecraft, crossbreed a horse with a donkey. Follow the same steps for breeding two horses.

Mules can be equipped with Chests, allowing you to carry extra inventory. Mules cannot breed with any other animals.

A horse and a donkey with hearts over their heads in Minecraft
  • Which horse is the fastest in Minecraft?

    White horses typically have the fastest speed stats, although some other horses can jump higher. If you want a fast horse, breed two white horses.

  • What is the rarest horse in Minecraft?

    Skeleton horses are the rarest type of horse that cannot be bred. You can tame a skeleton horse just like a regular horse after you defeat the skeleton riding it.

  • How do I heal my horse in Minecraft?

    Use a Splash Potion of Healing or a Splash Potion of Regeneration on your horse to restore its health. You can use the potion while riding or when you're dismounted.

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