Breathe Easy and Watch Full HD Movies With Acer’s Latest Vero Products

Including an eco-friendly laser projector and air purifier

Acer has a few more eco-conscious products up its sleeve to accompany its previously-revealed e-bike.

Today's Next@Acer presentation revealed a lot of laptop and desktop hardware, but there was also a sprinkling of more eco-friendly, non-computer devices. Alongside its ebii smart bike revealed in March, the company announced on Thursday a new projector and air purifier as part of its Vero product line.

Acer Vero PL3510ATV projector


Its upcoming Vero PL3510ATV Smart Projector promises portability, energy efficiency, and Full HD resolution—along with more environmentally friendly construction. In addition to its claim of bright colors, sharp contrast, and clear imagery, the PL3510ATV also supposedly uses close to half the power of comparable lamp-based projectors. 2D keystone is also supported, which will automatically adjust the projections dimensions across all four corners to keep the image ratio consistent across whatever surface you're using. The PL3510ATV also boasts a built-in 10W speaker for "cinematic sound," and Acer says it supports 24/7 continuous projection—if needed.

Acerpure air purifier


Acerpure's Pro Vero air purifier shares a similar story (but a different function) to the PL3510ATV in that it touts a less harmful manufacturing process and uses more eco-friendly materials. It comes with a 3-in-1 HEPA filter that, when paired with its "4-layer protection system," promises to filter out a number of allergens, bacteria, and harmful gasses. Acer says that an onboard air quality sensor will also detect particles in its space, resulting in the Pro Vero automatically switching to the most effective mode to deal with them.

The Acerpure Pro Vero will be available in Taiwan and throughout both the Pan Asia Pacific and EMEA regions, starting sometime in May—with no plans for the US announced yet. Pricing on the Pro Vero has not been revealed, but Acer says it will vary from country to country. The PL3510ATV projector is expected to come to Europe, the Middle East, and Africa towards the end of 2023 in September, priced at 1,399 EUR (approx. $1,534)—also with no mention of a US release yet.

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