10 Brands to Add on Snapchat

Snaps Now Come from Your Favorite Restaurants, Clothing Stores and More

Snapchat has become more than just the simple messaging app that kids mostly used to send ugly selfies and racy texts to their friends, love interests or complete strangers. Just like every other social network that previously exploded in popularity out of nowhere, the big brands always like to go where the cool kids are online, which is why lots of them have started jumping on Snapchat.

Simply add a brand's username to your Snapchat friends list and wait for the branded photo and video snaps to start rolling on in. Believe it or not, some of the best brands out there have gotten very creative on Snapchat not just to spam you with loads and loads of boring product and promotional junk -- but to pique your interest, keep you engaged, offer exclusive deals and just overall give you something fun to look at.

Here are just 10 top brands that are absolutely dominating Snapchat and keeping their followers coming back for more. Add them to see for yourself!

Taco Bell

Brands on Snapchat
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We already know that the Internet goes crazy for pictures of food. Mexican food? Even better! Taco Bell launched a campaign on Snapchat in the spring of 2014 to reintroduce the Beefy Crunch Burrito and then went on to launch a mini movie campaign via Snapchat Stories featuring short videos over a 24-hour period to promote its Spicy Chicken Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos.

Snapchat username: tacobell


MTV's audience is very young, so naturally, it makes sense that the entertainment brand would get on Snapchat. For the first time ever, the nominees for the 2014 Video Music Awards were announced by sending out snaps. Other than that, you can expect to see show clips and stars with messages to their fans from MTV's Snapchat account.

Snapchat username: mtv

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art

LACMA is apparently the very first museum to join Snapchat, and even if you don't live anywhere near it to go by for a visit, you may still want to add it on Snapchat just for the fun and hilarious snaps. Just take a look at some of these screenshots to see what I mean. Who knew art history could be this much fun?

Snapchat username: lacma_museum

Wet Seal

In early 2014, teen apparel retailer Wet Seal decided to let an Internet famous 16-year-old girl take on the challenge of building its Snapchat following. Wet Seal ended up gaining over 300,000 followers and won the Shorty Award for Best Brand on Snapchat, sending snaps of everything from behind-the-scenes photo shoots to store coupon codes.

Snapchat username: wetseal

Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew is one of the latest brands to jump on Snapchat, looking to remind its followers what they need to grab for quenching their thirst. "Add us on Snapchat and we might doodle on your favorite flavors," the brand tweeted in March of 2014 along with a sneak peek screenshot of what you might expect to see.

Snapchat username: mountaindew


If you like to stay up with all the news about what's hot online, you're probably pretty familiar with Mashable -- the popular blog that reports on all sorts of trending stories about tech, social media, and pop culture. Turns out they have some pretty amazing Snapchat stuff. Add them if you're okay with receiving fun snaps of Grumpy Cat, famous celebs, and random doodles.

Snapchat username: mashable


GrubHub is a U.S. food delivery service that lets you order food online from thousands of restaurant menus. In September of 2014, the company launched a back-to-school food countdown, sending out snaps of food ideas with doodled number counts on them. GrubHub also promotes some of its special deals through Snapchat.

Snapchat username: grubhub


Pop culture fans love to connect with their favorite celebs any way they can, and now you can find the casts and crews of several major TV shows giving fans some good clips of what goes on behind the scenes. Glee is just one of those shows, sending out snaps of the actors and reminding you when it's time to watch.

Snapchat username: gleeonfox

American Eagle Outfitters

American Eagle is one of the several other youth-targeted clothing retailers getting in on the Snapchat action to give their followers a reason to check out their stores online or in person. To help kick off the fall line for 2014, American Eagle sent out snaps of what customers could expect before they hit the stores.

Snapchat username: officialaeo

Acura Insider

Being on Snapchat is cool and new for most brands, but creating buzz and a sense of urgency is what gets people to take really notice. Acura made a contest out of launching its Snapchat account back in 2013, telling social media followers that the first 100 people to add it on Snapchat would be to first to see footage of the new NSX prototype.

Snapchat username: acura_insider