Brainboost-A Question Answering Search Engine

Note: as of November 2015 Brainboost has been absorbed into

What is BrainBoost?

BrainBoost is an automated question-answering search engine. Here's how it works: you type in a question, any question, and instead of merely matching your search query in page text and titles like other search engines, BrainBoost actually goes the next logical step and sorts through the search results for you, then extracts the answer to your question.

Ask BrainBoost a Question

I admit, I was skeptical that this would work. After all, there are other search engines out there ( that have tried the natural language question answering thing. But BrainBoost really seems to have a good handle on actually delivering relevant answers. There's no sorting through hundreds of results with BrainBoost; your questions are answered with real answers here. It's really the next logical step for search engines in general to go to, in my opinion.

BrainBoost Special Features

There's not much to BrainBoost other than the whole ask a question deal; but it's fun to check out the BrainBoost home page and see what questions other people have come up with. These questions are just a sampling of what you can do with BrainBoost; the more I played with this search engine, the more I was struck by how utterly useful it was. Just as a side note - as with anything you find on the Net, BrainBoost wants to make it clear with their legal disclaimer that sometimes the information found may not be entirely accurate. So, make sure you check and double-check any answers you might get from BrainBoost, especially if you're doing a research paper, business project, or some other such task that requires absolute accuracy.

Why Should I Use BrainBoost?

BrainBoost is perfect for quick answers to relatively straightforward questions. I would use BrainBoost for initial reference searches, or when I needed to know something quickly.