Brad Stephenson

Brad Stephenson - Lifewire Writer
Brad Stephenson - Lifewire Writer.

Brad Stephenson is a freelance technology, travel, and geek culture writer and editor with over a decade of experience producing and editing content for online and print publications. He aims to make even the most complicated topic approachable and easy to understand and prides himself on striking a balance between enthusiasm and rational discourse.

​Brad always enjoy experimenting with the latest tech and he can be found on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest.​ Curious about that new hipster social network, Ello? He's on that too and you can find him here. Like gaming? Follow him on Xbox One (Gamertag: Brad Cafe), Twitch & Beam.

All of Brad's writing and image editing is done on his Surface Pro 4 while the occasional photo is taken with his Windows Phone (Lumia 950). He's not just a Microsoft fanboy though and still uses his old iPhone and iPod Touch on a regular basis for their apps and solid podcast/music experience.​


In addition to writing for Lifewire, Brad works as an editor for the Microsoft technology news site, On MSFT (formerly WinBeta), where he reports on the latest Windows, Xbox, HoloLens, Windows Phone, and Surface news and writes the occasional feature.

​Brad is also a social media manager for several companies and enjoys the occasional gig as a trendy influencer on his personal Instagram account.


Brad attended Western Sydney University where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts and has also studied at the Australian Writers Centre. 

Brad Stephenson

"If you find something to be too easy, you're not pushing yourself hard enough."

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