Brad Puet

Brad Puet
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Brad is a photographer based out of Seattle, WA. While his creative work is in street and documentary photography, he also completes many editorial, corporate, and commercial assignments.

Brad has always dedicated himself to mentoring youth, both in the field of photography and in other creative outlets. He conducts workshops and presentations in the metropolitan Seattle area for youth by partnering up with many youth art-based organizations.


Brad is a proud Co-founder of Grryo (formerly We Are Juxt), an international social photography collective.

Since 2012, he has exhibited all around the world including in Tehran, London, Berlin, Tokyo, Jalisco, New York, Los Angeles, and Seattle.

In addition, he teaches social photography at Seattle Central College, located in the heart of city.

Brad also writes for Grryo and Huffington Post.

Brad Puet

The mobile photography community is an amazing part of my life. I have met many great friends from around the world who are as passionate as I am. As one of the ambassadors to the community, I welcome you. Don't worry I don't bite. I work well with others.

Welcome to the community and let's have fun!

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