What is 3D Box Modeling and How Does it Work?

Everything you should know about the 3D modeling technique

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Box modeling is a 3D modeling technique in which the artist begins with a low-resolution primitive (typically a cube or sphere) and modifies the shape by extruding, scaling, or rotating faces and edges. Detail is added to a 3D primitive either by manually adding edge loops or by subdividing the entire surface uniformly to increase polygonal resolution by an order of magnitude.

Popular Example

The most common and popular example would be the resurgence of 3D technology in major motion pictures where this technology is used; this began with the success of the film Avatar, the 2009 blockbuster from director James Cameron. The film helped to transform the 3D industry and used many of the concepts of box modeling.

Other modeling techniques: Digital sculpting, NURBS modeling

Also Known ​As: Subdivision modeling

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