Bottle Flip 2k16 Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Because your Bottle Flip 2k15 skills just won't cut it

Bottle Flip 2k16 combines thumb-blisteringly difficult mobile gameplay with the joy of playing with garbage. iOS gamers worldwide have discovered that tossing a nearly-empty water bottle in the air repeatedly is even more fun if you don’t have to chase it around the room every time it rolls off the table. 

Less chasing, but not less challenging. 

Our Bottle Flip 2k16 tips, tricks and strategies will help you master the virtual version of this post-lunch pastime. Or, if not master, at least not throw your phone against the wall in unfiltered frustration.

The Basics

Bottle Flip 2k16
Aidan Sabourin

When you first start Bottle Flip 2k16, you’re presented with a table, a 2D water bottle, and little else. Players who downloaded the game on a whim or without reading the App Store description might be understandably lost on what to do. If you swipe up along the water bottle it will fly into the air, spinning around before gravity takes over and the bottle inevitably falls back down. 

The goal of Bottle Flip 2k16 is simply to flip the bottle and get it to land back on the table as it was: standing straight up. If you do this successfully, you’ll earn a point. If you do this more than once, you’ll continue earning points. Each consecutive successful flip will add to your points counter. If the bottle lands on its side or top, the counter will reset to zero. Mechanically, that’s really all there is to it.

Flip It Good

Bottle Flip 2k16
Aidan Sabourin

Of course, if you just swipe willy-nilly without any strategy, you’ll likely find yourself with a lot of random landings that add nothing to your score. There is a sweet spot that you want to aim for that allows the bottle enough time to rotate once and then land straight up again. That spot is actually the score counter itself. 

Before you swipe, the text “Current Best” with a large number will be visible above your bottle. If you get the bottle high enough to reach that number, it should land right-side up. The perfect height is the bottom of the bottle rotating through the center of the number. If the bottom goes above the top of the number, it will rotate too far and land on its side. If it doesn’t get as high as the number, it will not rotate far enough. When you’re practicing your swipes, aim for that number.

On Your Mark

Bottle Flip 2k16
Aidan Sabourin

There are really only two things you have control over when aiming for that golden height: speed and length of your swipe. Of these, speed is the critical factor. If you swipe too fast, the bottle will shoot up and off screen, way over-rotating in the process. If you swipe too slowly, it will barely leave the table, tipping over before it can even make a partial rotation. Although the perfect speed is something you can only really come to through trial and error, we generally swipe at the same speed we use to pull up the Control Center from the bottom of our device.

The length of your swipe is used more to help you maintain that perfect speed once you’ve figured it out. Whether you swipe just along the bottle or all the way to the top of the screen is up to you and whatever is most comfortable. To help us remember that the score counter is the goal, we like to swipe to the number and then let go. Maintaining the same swipe length can help keep you in rhythm and making the same swipes for consecutive points.

You Got Rhythm

Bottle Flip 2k16
Aidan Sabourin

Speaking of rhythm, getting into a groove will really help when you’re aiming for higher scores. Don’t pause too long between successful flips; keep swiping with the same speed and strength each time, with only the time it takes for the bottle to touch back down in between. Use the successful “ding” sound effect to help you keep the same rhythm, swiping up shortly after you hear the tone. Treat it almost like you’re lazily scrolling through a long web page: swipe, wait, swipe, wait, swipe. 

Consecutive points come down to muscle memory as much as anything else: you’re not pausing to aim or line anything up, you just have to maintain the same movement over and over.

Flipped Off

Bottle Flip 2k16
Aidan Sabourin

But this muscle memory aspect is one reason you shouldn’t get frustrated by frequent failure. Until you figure out the exact speed you need to swipe and do it over and over until it’s almost automatic, you’re going to get low – or no – scores, often. Bottle Flip 2k16 is the Flappy Bird of bottle tossing: it will be painfully difficult and seemingly impossible to get more than a few points, and then all of a sudden it will just click and you’ll be in the double digits.

The App Store screenshots themselves show only a “best score” of one and a “current score” of two. And getting to a score of ten is considered a feat, as upon doing so you’ll receive a medal and your bottle color will change from the cool blue of water to the smooth brown of cola.  Clearly developer Aidan Sabourin did not anticipate players reaching triple digit scores anytime soon.

Just One More Try

Bottle Flip 2k16
Aidan Sabourin

Difficult or not, we understand the “just once more”ness of Bottle Flip 2k16 and the inevitable multitudes of replays waiting dedicated players. If you’re still looking for ways to refine your flip, here are our final thoughts:

  • Try laying your phone down on a hard surface and playing with just one hand. We found that this helped provide an extra layer of consistency to our swipes.
  • Test out different fingers. We were using our index finger and kept running into a wall around four points. As soon as we switched to a thumb, our score rocketed above ten.
  • Try playing from a different orientation. Turn your phone and swipe horizontally instead of vertically. The game itself will only orient one way, but this change of view can help get you into a different mindset.
  • Exit the game and step away for a few minutes. This is the ol’ Nintendo approach, but it often works to just completely disengage and then pick it back up fresh. This also resets your “current score” so it’s not staring you in the face upon every retry.

Set your own goals. Ignore the Game Center leaderboards (which are hacked, anyway). If you haven’t earned more than five points yet then don’t set your sights on twenty. Be satisfied if you get seven on that run, then aim for nine next, etc. The game is a straight up high score chase with that high score affecting only you (and your bottle color). We’re all just aiming for that brown bottle and beyond, at our own pace. 

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