Bose Opens Pre-Orders for New QuietComfort 45 Headphones

Priced at $329 and available on September 23

Bose has announced its newest set of premium wireless headphones, the QuietComfort 45, with pre-orders opening Tuesday.

The QuietComfort 45 headphones are intended to replace the QuietComfort 35 II by way of improved functions, a new "AWARE" mode, and better battery life. This is good because Bose's new 45 headset costs about $30 more than the 35 II.

Person using QuietComfort 45 headphones


According to the official announcement, QuietComfort 45 headphones utilize a new electronic active noise cancellation system for better sound control. QUIET Mode can identify and adjust for mid-range frequency sounds to block out background noises like commuter trains or loud cafes.

Noise cancellation also extends to phone calls, with the headset isolating your voice and blocking out other sounds so you come through clearly. On the other side of things, AWARE Mode will let ambient noises through again without the need to take your headphones off.

QuietComfort 45 headphones in white


The QuietComfort 45 also boasts a straightforward interface, with a handful of buttons on either ear cup to control everything. Buttons on the right side handle power, Bluetooth, volume, and answering calls or playing music. Buttons on the left are used to switch between QUIET and AWARE modes, and to mute the microphone.

Finally, there's the battery, which claims up to 24 hours of use—about four hours more than the QuietComfort 35 II. It will take about two hours to reach a full charge (via USB-C), but Bose says you can get roughly three hours of use after plugging it in for 15 minutes.

You can pre-order a pair of QuietComfort 45 wireless headphones directly from Bose now, in either black or white, for $329 Shipping will begin on September 23.

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