Bootcfg Command (Recovery Console)

How to use the Bootcfg command in the Windows XP Recovery Console

The bootcfg command is a Recovery Console command used to build or modify the boot.ini file, a hidden file that's used to identify in what folder, on which partition, and on which hard drive Windows is located.

Bootcfg Command Availability

The bootcfg command is available from within the Recovery Console in Windows 2000 and Windows XP. A bootcfg command is also available from the Command Prompt.

Bootcfg Command Syntax

bootcfg /list /scan /rebuild /default /add

The above syntax is how you must structure the bootcfg command with any of these available switches:

Switch Explanation
/list This option will list every entry in the boot list in the boot.ini file.
/scan Using this option will instruct bootcfg to scan all drives for installations of Windows and then display the results.
/rebuild This option will step you through the process of rebuilding the boot.ini file.
/default The /default switch sets the default boot entry in the boot.ini file.
/add This option allows for the manual entry of a Windows installation in the boot.ini boot list.

Bootcfg Command Examples

bootcfg /rebuild

In the above example, the bootcfg command scans all drives for any Windows installations, displays the results, and steps you through building the boot.ini file.

Bootcfg Related Commands

The fixboot, fixmbr, and diskpart commands are often used with the bootcfg command.

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