Boost Network TV With the ClearStream Horizon Antenna

Attach the new Jolt Switch to further amplify

Antennas Direct has released the ClearStream HORIZON indoor antenna and the Jolt Switch amplifier combo for a better and more consistent public TV signal.

Simplicity and minimalism are the names of the game for both. The ClearStream HORIZON can grab HDTV signals from up to 60 miles away and is easy to install as it can either be mounted on a wall or sat on a flat surface with its kickstand. The Jolt Switch boosts the antenna's power and range to include channels beyond what's normally available.

ClearStream HORIZON Antenna

Antennas Direct

The ClearStream HORIZON is omnidirectional to grab UHF and VHF signals to ensure you receive the maximum number of channels. It's also pretty compact, at of 23-inches long, by 5-inches tall, and 0.9-inches thick, so it can fit comfortably next to a TV without getting in the way. Other accessories include a 10-foot high, performance coaxial cable and an 18 dB in-line for the Jolt Switch.

The Jolt Switch has the potential to boost an antenna's reception considerably. It has a maximum signal gain of 18 dB and works with most TV antennas. Currently, the Jolt is a stand-alone box, but there are plans to include it with other Antennas Direct models in the future.

Jolt Switch

Antennas Direct

The ClearStream HORIZON will set you back $79.99, and it's exclusive to Antennas Direct's online store, but there are plans to roll it out elsewhere. The same goes for the Jolt Switch, but it launches at a $29.99 price point.

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