How to Boost an iPhone Signal

There are many ways to increase your mobile's signal strength

This article covers several of the best ways to boost a signal on the iPhone, what can be behind a decrease in network quality, and the deal with those iPhone signal booster apps.

How Can I Increase My Mobile Signal Strength?

Thankfully, there are many proven solutions for poor iPhone signal strength. Here are nine of the best ways to get more bars on your iPhone, increase your download speeds, and improve your call quality.

Method 1: Remove Your iPhone’s Case

While a good iPhone case shouldn’t affect your signal strength too much, some can make it harder for the antennae in older models to connect to a network as well as they should.

The easiest way to test if your phone case is weakening your smartphone’s signal is to remove it and check if you get more bars or a better quality phone call experience.

Method 2: Turn Off 5G

If your iPhone supports 5G and you have a 5G plan with your carrier, your phone should still automatically switch to a 4G connection when 5G is out of range. Unfortunately, the iPhone doesn’t always do this, and you may be left connected to a congested 5G connection that’s weak due to too many people using it simultaneously.

The quickest way to fix this problem is to turn off 5G on your iPhone manually. Doing this can be incredibly useful if the 5G service in your area doesn’t work as well as it should despite what your carrier tells you about their coverage.

You can disable and enable 5G on your iPhone as often as you like.

Method 3: Find a Better Location

Even if your mobile carrier promises good service in your area, cellular networks can still be blocked or interrupted by geography, buildings, and other large objects. If you’re experiencing weak signals on your iPhone, try walking around your house, on your balcony, and in your backyard to see if the issue is specific to a particular location. The back porch might be your favorite place to take phone calls, but it could also have the worst reception.

Method 4: Disable Wi-Fi

If you frequently get frustrated with slow download speeds on your iPhone, try turning off the Wi-Fi and using your cellular connection to download apps or stream media. Depending on the internet provider you use and your location, your internet may be slower than your phone carrier’s network.

Your mobile plan will likely have download limits, so make sure to keep track of your mobile data if using it instead of Wi-Fi.

Method 5: Use Wi-Fi Instead

On the flip side, your Wi-Fi could also be a solid alternative to your cellular provider if you’re in a remote area with little coverage. Apple’s iPhones support a feature called Wi-Fi calling, which essentially allows you to make regular phone calls over your internet connection when your cellular signal is weak or offline.

There are also many iPhone apps that you can use to make free phone calls over Wi-Fi as well, and most, like WhatsApp, even support free international calls when used correctly.

Method 6: Update Your OS and Apps

Updating both your iPhone’s operating system and iOS apps can fix various glitches or bugs you may be experiencing. iPhone updates can also increase your smartphone’s security and add extra features and functionality, making your smartphone more functional and efficient.

Updating your iPhone's carrier settings can also improve your call quality.

Method 7: Reset Your Network Settings

Resetting your iPhone’s network settings removes all of your saved network names and passwords and has been known to fix cellular and internet connectivity issues. You will need to re-enter all of your Wi-Fi login information again after resetting your network settings on your iPhone, but it’s still worth trying if none of the other solutions work.

Method 8: Buy a Cell Phone Signal Booster

Cell phone signal boosters are devices that, as their name suggests, boost the signal of cellular networks so that you get a better connection on your iPhone. Signal boosters are ideal for those living in remote or hilly areas though they can also be effective in city areas with limited network coverage.

Method 9: Switch Carriers

It’s possible that your iPhone works completely fine and that your chosen network provider has inadequate coverage for your area. It can be a good idea to ask your neighbors or friends who live in the area which providers they use and recommend.

Do iPhone Signal Boosters Work?

Signal boosters can often be an effective solution for iPhone owners struggling with weak or poor network coverage. While iPhone signal boosters do work, it’s important to check with your cellular provider first to ensure that whatever signal booster you’re thinking of getting works with your current phone model and network.

If your connection issues result from inadequate network coverage, your cellular provider may provide you with a booster for free to help keep you on as a customer. It can be worth asking about this when speaking to their customer or sales support staff.

Why Is My iPhone Signal so Bad?

A poor signal on your iPhone can be the result of numerous factors. Here are some of the more common causes of a weak iPhone cellular signal.

  • Inadequate network coverage by your provider.
  • Out-of-date apps or operating systems.
  • Buildings or terrain blocking the signal.
  • Too many users are trying to access the network at the same time.
  • An iPhone cover is blocking the antennae.

Is There an App to Boost iPhone Signals?

There are numerous iPhone apps in the App Store that claim to boost your phone’s reception and increase download speeds but, unfortunately, all of these claims are mostly false.

An app can’t boost your network’s coverage or somehow make your iPhone’s antennae more powerful. The majority of these apps display or list the areas covered by most of the major cellular network providers. Most of this information is available for free on the network providers’ websites, though, and you shouldn’t need to download an app to access it.

  • Why is the signal so bad on my iPhone? What can I do?

    Some additional ways to increase your mobile signal strength include toggling on Airplane Mode, waiting for about 10 seconds, and turning it back off. Doing this causes your mobile device to check again for existing networks, and it may find a better, more robust available network. You might also want to try restarting your iPhone, especially if you've just moved into or out of a roaming area.

  • How can I boost the Wi-Fi signal on my iPhone?

    In addition to the tips listed above, try restarting your router and iPhone to increase your Wi-Fi signal strength. Also, try leaving your Wi-Fi network and then rejoin your Wi-Fi network. Is your router old? It may be time to upgrade to a new wireless router. Consider contacting your ISP and letting them know about your Wi-Fi signal issues; they may have an explanation or some troubleshooting steps to try.

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