How to Bookmark All Tabs in Chrome on Android

Sync with the desktop version for a workaround

What to Know

  • On the desktop version of Chrome, go to Settings > Sync and Google Services > Turn on.
  • With multiple tabs open on Chrome Android, go to desktop Chrome > History > History > Tabs from other devices.
  • Next to your Android, select the three dots > Open all. Select the three dots > Bookmarks > Bookmarks all tabs.

There is currently no feature in the Android version of Chrome to save all open tabs as bookmarks. This article shows you a workaround to bookmark the open tabs in Chrome for Android.

You'll need access to a desktop PC for this workaround.

How Do I Bookmark All Open Tabs in the Android Version of Chrome?

Here's how to save your open tabs as bookmarks in Chrome for Android.

  1. With the tabs open you want to bookmark, select the icon displaying the number of open tabs on the top-right to see all your open tabs.

    Tabs icon in Google Chrome for Android
  2. On a desktop PC, open Chrome and select the three dots in the upper-right corner.

    Three dot menu highlighted in Google Chrome
  3. Select History > History.

    History highlighted in Google Chrome Settings
  4. On the left sidebar, select Tabs from other devices.

    Tabs from other devices in Chrome history
  5. You can now see all open tabs on your other devices that are synced with the Google account you use on Chrome browsers on other devices.

    Next to your mobile device, select the three dots.

    Three dot menu highlighted in Chrome history
  6. Select Open all.

    Open all highlighted in Chrome history
  7. A new Chrome window will open with all of your mobile tabs. Select the three dots in the upper-right corner and choose Bookmarks > Bookmarks all tabs.

    Bookmarks and Bookmark all tabs highlighted in Chrome
  8. Choose a folder and select Save.

    Save highlighted in Chrome history
  9. To view the saved tabs on Android, select the three dots > Bookmarks and go to the specific bookmark folder you selected.

    Three dot menu, Bookmarks, and Mobile bookmarks highlighted in Chrome for Android

Why Can't I See Bookmarks From Chrome in Android in Chrome on the PC?

Chrome syncs across your devices using the profile you are logged into. When syncing is turned off, Chrome will not be able to match the browsed tabs from Android to the desktop, and Tabs from other devices won't display the open tabs. First, ensure you signed into the same Google account in Android and the Chrome browser on the desktop. Then, check the Sync and Google Services settings.

  1. On a desktop PC, open Chrome and select the three dots in the upper-right corner.

  2. Select Settings.

    Chrome settings on the desktop
  3. Select Turn on sync.

    Enable sync in Chrome
  4. Select Sync and Google Services in the You and Google section.

    Sync and Google Services highlighted
  5. Select Manage what you sync.

    Manage what you sync option highlighted
  6. Choose Sync everything or Customize sync.

    For customizing your sync data, go down the list and enable Bookmarks and Open tabs if they are disabled. This step ensures your browsing sessions will carry over from one device to another, and you can see all open tabs on the Tabs from other devices screen.

    Manage your sync in Chrome
  • How do I group tabs in Chrome?

    To make tab groups in Chrome, right-click an open tab, and then select Add tab to new group. Drag tabs into the new group to add them. You can also right-click to create a name or add a color label.

  • How do I restore Google Chrome tabs?

    The quickest way to open a tab you recently closed in Chrome on the desktop is to open the History menu. The top section, Recently Closed, includes everything you've shut down, including groups of tabs. Click a page to reopen it. In the mobile app, tap the More (three dots) menu, and then select Recent Tabs for a list of pages you've closed.

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