Why You Should Like ‘Boo the Dog’ on Facebook

How the world's cutest dog went viral online

Boo the Dog on Facebook
Screenshot of Facebook.com

Becoming internet famous isn’t always easy, but when you’re as cute as Boo the Dog, it’s apparently easy enough to set up a Facebook page and watch the fans roll in. If you’ve just discovered Boo (and how cute he is), here’s a brief little article about his story and how popular he’s grown on the web.

Who is Boo the Dog?

Boo the Dog is a Pomeranian with a very short haircut and an adorably large head. He’s widely known as “the world’s cutest dog” online.

Boo on Facebook

Boo’s journey started on Facebook, and according to Boo’s official website, “his human put Boo on Facebook on May 11, 2009.” Photos of Boo were regularly posted on the Facebook page and still are today, often featuring him in different settings, dressed up in doggie outfits or even alongside his pal, “Buddy” (another Pomeranian that re).

Boo’s Facebook page gets tens of thousands of likes and comments on his posts, and as of December 2017, the Facebook page has over 17 million fans. Not bad for a little dog that could probably never even understand how famous he really is.

Boo’s Unique (And Adorable) Look

What made his “the world’s cutest dog” anyway? There are thousands upon thousands of Pomeranians in the world, and even though they’re all pretty darn cute, most them probably all look exactly the same.

The thing about most Pomeranians is that they look like dogs. Boo, on the other hand, looks like an adorable little teddy bear. His pudgy snout, large head, and short fur are what separates him from the rest of the Pomeranians.

Boo looks like he’s smiling when he sticks out his tongue, and when he’s dressed up in one of his many outfits, he could almost be mistaken for a stuffed animal. The photos are cute enough, but videos of Boo on his Facebook page are almost too amazing to watch. Video footage of him makes him appear to be a realistic puppet, rather than a real dog.

Boo’s Rise to Internet Fame

Boo’s Facebook popularity eventually led to recognition from some very high profile celebrities and mainstream media programs. Both Kesha and Khloe Kardashian plugged Boo’s Facebook page on their Twitter profiles, and Boo has already appeared twice on Good Morning America.

Of course, with so many fans bursting with love for the adorable Pomeranian, it only seems to make sense that he became the inspiration for a line of merchandise products including books, stuffed animals and a calendar.

Boo has two picture books published. The first one is called Boo: The Adventures of the Cutest Dog in the World and the second is called Boo: Little Dog in the Big City. He’s got his own calendar out and several stuffed animals made by Gund featuring Boo in a few different outfits.

Cute Animals and Social Media

If it weren’t for Facebook, Boo may have never been able to attract as much attention as he has over the past few years. Photos of adorable animals are virtually irresistible to us online, and social media has made it far too easy for us to pass them along to our friends and followers.

Boo’s Facebook page is a classic example of how the simplest things can go viral online. We’ve seen it with other animal-themed sites as well, like LOLcats and the Dog Shaming Tumblr Blog—among many, many others.

As long as we have social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, Instagram, and all the others, cute animal virality will almost always be a huge trend. If you missed it, you can go ahead and like Boo’s Facebook page here.