What Is a BM2 File?

Subspace continuum graphic files are used in games

A file with the BM2 file extension is a Subspace Continuum Graphic file, which is actually just a renamed BMP file. They're typically used for textures and other images within the game.

Some BM2 files may be Boardmaker Interactive Board files instead of graphic files. These files store activities and lessons used by the Boardmaker program.

Other Boardmaker files are in the ZIP or ZBP format because they're archive formats used for holding multiple boards in one file.

Screenshot of several BM2 files in Windows 10 that open with Adobe Photoshop
BM2 Files.

How to Open a BM2 File

BM2 files can be opened with nearly any program that can open BMP files. This includes the Windows Paint program, Adobe Photoshop, and others.

Since most programs probably don't associate themselves with BM2 files, you might need to rename the file from .BM2 to .BMP to make it easier to open it. Know, however, that you can't normally rename a file's extension and expect it to work as if it were in a different format. It only works here because the BM2 file is really a BMP file.

Mayer-Johnson's Boardmaker program is used to open BM2 files that are Boardmaker Interactive Board files. These files may have quizzes and other lessons that are made specifically for students that have special needs.

Depending on your version of Boardmaker, you may have to import the BM2, ZIP, or ZBP file through the New > Project from Boardmaker Import... menu. This should only be the case if you're using Boardmaker Studio to open boards from Boardmaker or Boardmaker Plus v5 or v6.

If your file isn't opening with any of my suggestions to this point, you might be misreading the file extension and confusing a BMK (BillMinder Backup), BML (Bean Markup Language), BMD (MU Online Game Data), or another file with similar letters, with a BM2 file.

If you find that a program on your computer does try to open the BM2 file but it's the wrong program, or if you'd rather have a different program you have installed open BM2 files by default, change the default program for a specific file extension.

How to Convert a BM2 File

We don't know of any specific conversion tools that can save a BM2 file to another image file type, but since this format is really just BMP spelled with the .BM2 file extension, you can, as mentioned above, just rename the file so it has the .BMP extension instead.

Then, if you want the new .BMP file to be in a different image format, you can use a free image converter with the BMP file to save it to JPG, PNG, TIF, or whatever other image-based formats you'd like it in. One quick way to do that is with FileZigZag since you can convert the file online without having to download any software.

Although we haven't verified this ourselves, we're pretty sure that BM2 files used with Boardmaker can be converted to other similar formats. This is most likely done through a File > Save As or File > Save Project As... menu, or maybe something similar like an Export or Convert button.