BlueStacks Lets You Play Android Apps on Windows

Get all the fun of Android with the power of a Windows machine

BlueStacks is a cloud-syncing virtual machine that plays Android apps in full-screen on a Windows computer. Use it to play full-screen games such as Fruit Ninja, download content to newsreaders such as Pulse, and take advantage of easier to use mobile interfaces for apps such as Evernote. Plus, BlueStacks runs Android games on Windows with significantly more power than any mobile device has to offer. You could breath new life into an old Windows tablet, laptop, or netbook.

BlueStacks Requirements

The computer needs a fast processor to run BlueStacks on the Windows operating system. An Atom processor may not be adequate for graphics-intensive games, something along the i5 line is recommended. Many Android phones have dual and quad-core processors. If an app needs more power to run on Android, it will need more power to run in a virtualization program on another platform such as Windows. 

screenshot - BlueStacks engine and processor settings

Apps With Mobile Features

Most Android game apps don't use mobile features, such as the accelerometer or multi-touch gestures. So, if you find Angry Birds to be appealing on the web, you shouldn't run into problems playing the Angry Birds Android app on a Windows PC.

Mobile Gaming on PC

With BlueStacks, you're able to use the high-end gaming graphics cards found in Windows PCs to play Android games. BlueStacks offers built-in performance controls to increase the available power that it can pump into games. It provides controls for screen resolution, refresh rate, and the graphics libraries used. You can also control the amount of memory and CPU cores to put behind games.

screenshot - BlueStacks display settings

BlueStacks integrates Twitch for extra simple streaming. So, while you're absolutely dominating on your super-powered Windows mobile gaming platform, you can show the world in real-time.


BlueStacks is free to download and use, without restrictions. BlueStacks is ad-supported, so you will see ads in the BlueStacks interface. However, it won't keep you from your favorite mobile games.

screenshot - BlueStacks download page

If you want to get rid of the ads, upgrade to the Premium version of BlueStacks. Aside from the ads, there are a few other benefits, but nothing significant.

Mac and Other Platforms

BlueStacks supports the Mac. Download the official BlueStacks Mac client as easily as the Windows client on the company's website. There's currently no Linux or iOS support, but there are alternatives for Linux such as Anbox and Genymotion.


BlueStacks could work out to be a regular part of any Android developer's toolbox. The Android emulator Google developed doesn't meet the needs of most developers. If BlueStacks turns out a better emulator, the BlueStacks team will gain additional support from Android developers everywhere.