Blogging with WordPress

How to Launch and Grow Your Blog

Blogging with WordPress can be as easy or in-depth as you want it to be. What sets WordPress apart from other blogging applications are the many extensions available through plugins to help enhance your blog. Take a look at the articles listed below to learn more about the features and benefits of blogging with WordPress.

Choosing WordPress to Start Your Blog

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With so many blogging applications available, it can be difficult to choose which is the right one for you. It's important to take into consideration not just the up-front cost but also your future needs for advertising, categorizing, etc. It's easier to take the time and research blogging platforms now rather than having to switch platforms later. Review the articles below to help you decide if WordPress is the right blogging application for you.

Getting Started with

Starting a blog with WordPress is particularly easy when you opt to create a free blog through Take a look at the article below to view a step-by-step tutorial showing you exactly how to start a new, free blog with


If you want to host your blog through a third-party web host so you have complete control, then you need to use The following articles offer tips and help to get you started:

Designing Your WordPress Blog

If you use, you can make a variety of design changes to your blog, but using will give you the ability to completely customize your blog. The following articles are the best place to start learning:

WordPress Settings, Maintenance, and Blog Management

Take the time to configure your WordPress settings and perform ongoing maintenance activities to ensure your blog is running smoothly and is secure:

Enhancing Your WordPress Blog

The best part about starting a WordPress blog through and hosting it on a third party server is the multitude of ways you can enhance and extend it using WordPress plugins. New WordPress plugins are created by users nearly every day, and they can make your life as a blogger easier as well as increase the success of your growing blog. Take a look at the articles below to find out more about many of these plug-ins and enhancements: