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Got Wordpress
Javier Aroche/Flikr/CC BY 2.0 (Free, Hosted by Wordpress): is a free blogging platform that provides a limited amount of customization by way of free templates you can download for your blog. It is very easy to learn and provides automatic features such as a spam blocking plug-in (Akismet), automatic pinging and more. On the negative side, a free account does not allow ads of any kind on blogs, so monetizing your free WordPress blog through advertising is not an option. (Paid, Third-Party Host Required): offers free blogging platform, but users have to pay to host their blogs through a third-party website host such as BlueHost. For bloggers with some technical skills who need advanced customization, is a great choice. The application, itself, is the same as, but the customization options make it very popular among power bloggers, business bloggers and more.

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Blogger equals easy. Many novice bloggers choose to start their first blogs with Blogger because it's free, very easy to use, and it allows ads to help monetize blogs. The downside of Blogger is it's prone to outages, so you may not always be able to access your blog when you want to.


TypePad is very easy to use, but it's not free. Even though it doesn't require a third-party host, it does have a cost associated with it. With that said, TypePad does provide great features and a high level of customization without the technical knowledge of some other customizable blogging software options.

Moveable Type:

Moveable Type is a great blogging platform, but it requires users to obtain pricey licenses. The installation process is cumbersome and the features are not as rich as other blogging platforms provide. Many people like Moveable Type because it supports multiple blogs without having to install the application again and again.


LiveJournal requires users to pay a monthly fee, and it provides a limited amount of features and customization.


Tumblr enables users to quickly publish images, quotes, links, video, audio, and chats to their own Tumblelogs. Users can easily share and reblog other users' Tumblr posts Tumblr is free but not as robust as other blogging applications.

Suggestions from About Blogging:

For bloggers who are looking for a free blogging platform that allows monetization, you may want to try Blogger. If monetization is not important to you, then might be a better choice.

For bloggers who want full customization and advanced feature capability (and aren't afraid of technical challenges and out-of-pocket expenses), is an excellent choice.

For bloggers who don't need a lot of features and would rather simply publish quotes, images, and videos without frills, Tumblr is a good option.

More Information to Help You Choose a Blogging Platform:

Bottom-line, decide what your goals are for your blog upfront to help you choose the best blogging platform for you from the start. Take a look at these six questions bloggers should ask themselves when choosing a blogging platform to help you decide which application is right for you.