Blog Posting Frequency Overview

How often you should publish new content on your blog

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Once you decide to start a blog, you'll need to determine what your goals are for your blog. If you want to grow your blog and attract new readers (and keep them once they visit), you'll need to put some thought into your blog posting frequency.

Blog Content Is Key

In the blogging world, a commonly used phrase is, "it's all about the content." In short, that means that the most important part of your blog is the content you publish through your blog posts. What makes your content most compelling is a combination of your topic, your opinion, your writing style or voice, and your blog's freshness. Your blog posting frequency is directly tied to the freshness of your blog.

The Theory Behind Blog Posting Frequency

Put it this way, would you buy a newspaper every day if the articles in that paper never changed? Probably not. However, if the articles are different each day, you're far more likely to buy a new newspaper every day. The same theory applies to blog content. If you don't update your blog with a new post, there is no reason for people to visit. There is nothing new for them to see.

However, if you post new content frequently that is timely and written in a style people enjoy, they are likely to return again and again to see what you have to say. The more frequently you publish new posts, the more new content there is for people to see and the more reason there is for people to visit again and again.

High Blog Posting Frequency Can Attract New Visitors

Not only do new blog posts give people a reason to return to your blog, but they also help your blog in terms of search engine optimization. Each new post is a new entry point for people to find your blog through search engines. The more entry points, the better the chances are that new readers will find your blog.

High Posting Frequency Can Help You Retain Repeat Visitors

Frequent posting helps to attract more visits from people who like your blog and decide to subscribe to it. Each time you publish new content on your blog, your subscribers will either see that post in their feed readers or they'll receive emails directing them to your blog to read the new posts. That means more opportunities to increase traffic to your blog every time you publish new content.

Determine Your Goals, Then Choose Your Posting Frequency

Bottom line, if you want to grow your blog and increase your readership, then posting frequency is very important. The unwritten rules of the blogosphere provide the following blog posting frequency suggestions:

  • For maximum growth: Post multiple times per day to drive the most traffic (3-5 times or more is considered best for power bloggers).
  • For steady growth: Post at least once per day.
  • For slower growth: Publish at least every 3 days or 2-3 times per week.
  • For very slow growth: Posting less frequently than 2-3 days per week is most appropriate for bloggers who maintain blogs as a hobby with no strategic plans for growth.