Blog Hosts for Beginners

Everything Bloggers Need to Know About Blog Hosting

What is a blog host? Which bloggers need to get a blog host? How do I choose a blog host? 

You'll get answers to these questions and more in the articles included in this Blog Hosts for Beginners overview.

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What is a Blog Host?

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Get a concise and easy-to-understand answer to this frequently asked question right here!

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Types of Blog Hosts

Learn the differences between free, shared, reseller, virtual, and dedicated server hosting accounts as well as managed WordPress hosting before you choose your blog host!

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5 Tips to Choose a Blog Host

Now that you know the differences between the types of blog hosts from reading the article in #2 above, you can learn the most important tips to help you choose the right blog host for your blog.

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Popular Blog Hosts

In #3, you learned how to choose a blog host.  Now, you can read about several popular blog hosts and compare their services for yourself to determine which meet your needs.

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Choosing a Blog Host - BlueHost Overview

BlueHost is a popular blog host, and this article gives you an overview of BlueHost's services, so you can learn what to look for and what to compare against other blog hosts.

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Tutorial - How to Sign up with BlueHost as Your Blog Host

Most blog hosts are easy to work with and the sign up process from one host to another is similar.  With that in mind, this tutorial takes you through the steps to sign up for blog hosting with one such blog host, BlueHost.

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How to Change Your Blog Host

Learn the four basic steps to change your blog host.

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Managed WordPress Hosting Pros and Cons

Is a managed WordPress host right for your blog? Check out the pros and cons to make your decision.

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Tutorial: How to Migrate a WordPress Blog to a New Host

Use the 12-step tutorial to successfully migrate your WordPress blog to a new host.