10 Blog Contest Giveaway Ideas

Prizes to Boost Traffic Without Breaking Your Budget

Blog contests are a great way to boost traffic to your blog, but what should you giveaway? Following are 10 blog contest giveaway ideas that will drive interest and entries without emptying your wallet.

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Products Related to Your Blog

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Depending on your blog topic, there are probably many types of prizes you can find or buy to give away in a blog contest. Prizes don't have to be big to be interesting to your blog's readers. Of course, while big prizes tend to drive the most buzz and traffic, prizes that are relevant to your blog are likely to be most appreciated by your loyal readers. In fact, prizes that are consistent with your blog topic will draw the attention of new visitors who are more likely to return and subscribe to your blog feed.

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Products or Services From Companies

Sometimes companies contact bloggers and request product reviews. This is a great time to request a sample to offer as a blog contest prize. Most companies welcome the additional exposure a contest (and the promotion that goes along with it) brings. Furthermore, don't be afraid to reach out to companies that offer products related to your blog topic that your readers would enjoy, and ask for a sample to offer as a blog contest prize. The worst that can happen is the company says no. Be certain to provide blog traffic statistics when you make a sample request to demonstrate what a contest on your blog could mean to the company in terms of promotion.

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There are books written about nearly every subject that bloggers write about. Consider offering a book related to your blog's topic for your blog contest prize.

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Your Expertise

If you have a talent, knowledge or expertise that people would pay for such as blog reviewing, blog design, copywriting, speaking, consulting and so on, offer those services as a blog contest prize. What comes easily to you might be a valuable prize to someone else.

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Get Crafty

Can you paint, sew, knit, build, or create some other craft or product that people might enjoy winning? If so, offer a custom design or an item you already created as a blog contest prize.

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Electronic Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are great blog contest prizes because people love to win money to spend at a popular store. Electronic gift certificates are great for you because you avoid paying shipping charges because the prize can be emailed directly to the winner.

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A blog contest with a cash prize is always popular. Consider signing up for PayPal and paying the winner via your PayPal account to avoid paying postage or sending a personal check or money order. If you use PayPal to deliver the prize, be certain to include a disclosure in the original contest post that tells people the prize will be sent via PayPal, and the winner will be responsible for any fees PayPal charges for him or her to receive and accept the prize.

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Advertising on Your Blog

If your blog is popular and generates enough traffic and subscribers to make it attractive to advertisers, offer advertising space as a prize for your blog contest. Other bloggers and website owners are likely to be very interested in winning free advertising.

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Guest Posts

If you write a popular blog with a decent amount of monthly traffic, you can offer guest posts as a blog contest prize. Consider offering your services to write a guest post on the winner's blog or allow the winner to write a guest post to appear on your blog. Either way, the winner will gain exposure and traffic from the guest post.

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Entrecard Credits

Entrecard is a popular social advertising website for bloggers who earn Entrecard Credits to pay for advertising space on other blogs. Consider joining Entrecard (if you're not already a member) and offer the credits you earn as a blog contest prize. Other Entrecard members will be very interested in this type of contest.