How to Earn Money on Your Blog With Advertising

Generate income while writing about your passion

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Starting a blog is a way to express yourself to an audience, getting your voice heard via the internet. Many people begin blogging as a way to discuss something they're passionate about, whether it's a hobby, an experience they're going through, or a subject they're deeply involved in.

After you've settled on a blog topic and gotten your blog up and running, consider making money from your blog. There are several ways to generate income, including online advertising and sponsored content.

There are three main categories of online advertising bloggers use to make money: pay-per-click ads, pay-per-impression ads, and pay-per-action ads. Sponsored posts and reviews are additional ways to monetize your blog.

You won't make money from advertising on your blog if you don't have readers. Offering great content that your readers want is the best way to drive up traffic and eventually make money from your blog. Always put your readers and your content first.

Pey-Per-Click Ads

With pay-per-click ads, also known as cost-per-click or CPC ads, the advertiser pays the blogger each time someone clicks on the ad. There are a few kinds of pay-per-click ads:

Contextual Ads

Contextual ads are typically pay-per-click ads. The ads are delivered based on the content of the blog page where the ads will be displayed. In theory, the ads shown on the page should be relevant to the content of the page, thereby increasing the chance that someone will click on them. Google AdSense is the biggest example of a contextual advertising channel.

Text-Link Ads

Ads that are not served based on the content of a blog's page but rather are placed based on specific text in the posts of a blog are called text link ads. Text-link ads are another type of pay-per-click ad. Text link brokers, such as Infolinks, help arrange this type of advertising service. 

Pay-Per-Impression Ads

With pay-per-impression ads, the advertiser pays the blogger each time the ad appears on the blog's page. These ads are also referred to as CPM (cost per thousand) ads, as you're typically paid for every 1,000 ad impressions served. Most CPM networks pay $1 to $10 per 1,000 impressions, depending on various factors). PropellerAds and HilltopAds are examples of CPM networks to check out for your blog.

Pay-Per Action Ads

With pay-per-action ads, the advertiser pays the blogger each time someone clicks on the ad and performs an action, such as making a purchase.

Affiliate ads are one type of pay-per-action ad. Affiliate ads give bloggers a choice of programs to provide links to products. Bloggers are paid when someone purchases the advertised product. Amazon Associates and eBay Affiliates are popular affiliate advertising programs.

According to the entrepreneurial coaching site Fizzle, the average blogger can make around $5,000 a month with just 10,000 visits.

Direct Ads

Many bloggers offer an option for visitors to purchase advertising space on their blogs. Direct ads are typically shown in the form of banner ads or similar display ads provided directly to the blogger by the advertiser. Pricing and payment methods vary from blogger to blogger (often dependent on the amount of traffic the blog receives). Direct advertisers on blogs are sometimes called sponsors of that blog.


Reviews (often called sponsored reviews) are an indirect form of advertising on blogs. Companies sometimes contact bloggers directly to ask them to write reviews for products, businesses, websites, services, etc. If the blogger is paid to write the review, then it is a form of advertising revenue. Companies such as PayPerPost, help arrange review advertising.

Sponsored Posts

Similar to reviews, sponsored posts, also known as native advertising, consist of content that's in line with the blog's overall subject area and mentions a specific product in a natural context. For example, a blogger writing about office supplies would mention and link to a specific office supplies vendor as a way to provide contextual exposure for the vendor. The vendor, in turn, pays the blogger for the mention.

Factors such as monthly traffic, audience reach, social media influence, backlinks, and more govern payments for such advertising; these vary a great deal and can range from tens to thousands of dollars. Potential advertisers frequently reach out to bloggers with established audiences, but bloggers also can contact them directly, as well.

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