How to Block YouTube on Chromebook

Stop a Chromebook's access to YouTube with an extension or app

What To Know

  • Go to the Chrome Web Store and search for a site-blocking extension, or download a third-party blocking app.
  • Add YouTube to the extension's or app's block list to block access to the website.
  • To restrict access, find an app that needs a password or PIN to make changes or remove it from the Chromebook.

In this article, we’ll explain how to block YouTube on a Chromebook using a Chrome extension or an app.

You can remove the YouTube app that comes standard on many Chromebooks by right-clicking on it and clicking Uninstall. However, this will only remove a shortcut, not YouTube itself.

How to Block Access to YouTube on Chromebook With an Extension

Extensions can quickly be added to Chrome and will apply any time you open a browser. Extensions are most useful if you’re only concerned about YouTube on a specific Chromebook.

  1. Search for extensions on the Chrome Web Store. Try language like site blocker or video blocker

    Searching for extensions on the Chrome Store with "site blocker" highlighted


    Look for extensions from vendors you trust or that have a high number of reviews, and check the date on the right-hand side to see the version and date it was last updated. Regularly updated extensions are more secure.

  2. Choose an extension and click Add To Chrome. Select Add extension to verify.

    Add to Chrome highlighted in Chrome Web store
  3. Click on the puzzle piece icon in the upper right-hand corner. Select Menu (three vertical dots) next to your site blocker extension and click Options. This will take you to the extension’s configuration page. You can block any site from there, usually by adding sites to a block list.

    The extensions menu in Chrome with puzzle icon and More highlighted


    If an extension is interfering with something you need, use the extensions menu, click Menu (three vertical dots), and select Remove From Chrome.

How to Block Access to YouTube on Chromebook with an App

If you’re managing multiple devices, apps are a better solution, as one app can cover a broad range of platforms and devices.

  1. Open the Google Play storefront on your Chromebook. It will generally be in the dock at the bottom of the screen. Search for site blocker or an app you already use on other devices.


    Many Chrome extensions also have a companion app that can synchronize with the extension and import data. 

  2. Select Install and download the app to your Chromebook. It will appear with your other apps.

  3. Follow the instructions as presented by the app to set up a block list. Generally, site-blocking apps will request permission to monitor traffic and transmit information. If it’s an app you already use, you may be able to log in and import your settings.

How to Prevent a YouTube Blocker From Being Deleted

If you’re blocking YouTube for other users, look for an app that requires a password or PIN to make changes or remove it from the Chromebook.

For extensions, you can disable the Extensions menu so it can’t be accessed unless the user knows where to find the advanced options.

  1. Open a new window in Chrome and enter the address chrome://flags/. This will open the Advanced Configuration section.

  2. Type extension in the Search window and look for Extensions Menu Access Control. Select Disabled in the dropdown menu, and the extensions menu will not be visible.

    The advanced configuration area in Chrome, searching for "extension"
  • How do I block YouTube channels?

    To block YouTube channels, go to the channel's About page and click the flag icon under Channel Stats. Click Block User > Submit. On mobile, tap Menu (three vertical dots) > Block User > Block.

  • How do I block videos on YouTube?

    To block a video on YouTube, select the three dots next to its title. Tap Not Interested to let YouTube know you don't want to see it. Tap Don't Recommend This Channel to stop other videos from that channel from appearing. Tap Report if the video is dangerous or offensive.

  • How do I block YouTube on an iPad?

    To block YouTube on an iPad, go to Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions and tap the slider to enable Content & Privacy Restrictions. Tap Content Restrictions > Apps and select 12+ or below. Since YouTube's rating is 17+, it will be blocked on the iPad.

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