How to Block YouTube on an Amazon Fire Tablet

How to stop YouTube videos from appearing on your Fire tablet

What to Know

  • You must block both the YouTube app and the YouTube website.
  • Go to Settings > Parental Controls, turn on the toggle, set a password, and tap Amazon Content and Apps.
  • Then, select Apps & Games and tap Web Browser to block them; go back and turn on Password Protection.

This article explains how to block YouTube on Amazon Fire tablets. The instructions apply to all Fire tablet models including the Fire HD Kids Edition.

Can You Block YouTube From a Kindle Fire Tablet?

To block YouTube on a Fire tablet, you'll need to block both the YouTube app and the YouTube website. To do that, you'll use the built-in parental controls to disable the web browser and block apps. You can also set parental controls for Alexa and monitor your kid's tablet use with Amazon Kids+ (formerly called FreeTime).

Alternatively, set up YouTube parental controls to limit the types of content on appears on your child's YouTube account.

How Do You Stop YouTube Videos From Appearing on a Fire Tablet?

Follow these steps to block access to YouTube on your Fire tablet:

  1. Open the Settings.

  2. Select Parental Controls.

  3. Tap the Parental Controls toggle switch.

    Settings app, Parental Controls, and Parental Controls toggle all highlighted on an Amazon Fire tablet.
  4. Enter a password and select Finish.

    This password will be required to adjust parental controls in the future, so don't forget it.

  5. Tap Amazon Content and Apps.

  6. Tap Apps & Games. The text beside it will be changed from Unblocked to Blocked.

    Finish, Amazon Content & Apps, Apps & Games all highlighted on an Amazon tablet.
  7. Scroll down and tap Web Browser to change it from Unblocked to Blocked.

  8. Tap Back to return to the previous screen, then scroll down and tap Password Protection. This will require the password you set up to download any app (including the YouTube app).

    To hide the Amazon app store altogether, tap Amazon Stores to change it from Unblocked to Blocked.

  9. Tap Set a Curfew if you want to limit parental controls to certain hours by designating specific times the password is required.

  10. Close the Settings. When you return to the home screen, you'll see that only a few preloaded apps are available (excluding the web browser).

    Web Browser and Password Protect Purchases in Settings and Restricted home screen on an Amazon Fire Tablet.
  11. To remove or set further restrictions (such as blocking Freevee, Amazon Music, and Wi-Fi), go back to the Parental Controls > Apps & Games.

To block YouTube for all users on your Wi-Fi network, you can block websites with your router.

  • How do I block a YouTube channel?

    You can't usually block a YouTube channel directly, but you can keep the platform from recommending it to you. Select the More menu (three vertical dots) next to a video in your Recommended feed and choose Don't recommend channel. It should stop appearing when you open the app or website. The YouTube Kids app provides more options for parents to block individual users and channels.

  • How do I block ads on YouTube?

    An ad blocker for a browser won't necessarily stop the ads that play before and during YouTube videos. The easiest way to stop seeing ads is with a subscription to YouTube Premium.

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