How to Block YouTube Ads on Android

Stop seeing pesky ads

What to Know

  • Easiest method: Visit YouTube using a web browser with an ad-blocking feature, such as the Brave web browser.
  • Or launch and enable AdShield before watching a video on YouTube.
  • Another alternative: Sign up for YouTube Premium.

This article explains three ways to block ads as you're watching YouTube videos. The directions should apply regardless of Android device and version.

Use an Ad-Blocking Browser

Accessing YouTube through an ad-blocking browser is the easiest, least invasive way to prevent seeing ads. This tutorial uses the Brave web browser as an example.

  1. In the URL bar of the Brave browser, tap the lion icon.

  2. Turn on the Brave Shields toggle.

    The "Shields Up" feature on the Brave browser for Android.
  3. Navigate to and watch videos.

Use an Ad-Blocking VPN

An ad-blocking VPN (virtual private network) such as AdShield blocks almost all ads on sites you visit. To enable the ad blocker, download and launch AdShield, turn on the AdShield Enabled toggle, and watch a video on YouTube.

While a VPN is active, all of your data passes through it, including from email, apps, and websites. So make sure you trust the operator of the VPN you choose.

Sign Up for YouTube Premium

A paid subscription to YouTube Premium gives you ad-free access to YouTube Music, lets you download videos and songs to your phone, and enables background play.

If you continue to see ads, check to see if you're signed in to the YouTube app with the same Google account you used to sign up for YouTube Premium.

In the past, you could block YouTube ads by inserting a period into the URL, but this no longer works.

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