How to Block Twitch Ads

Subscribe to a channel or sign up for Twitch Turbo

What to Know

  • Subscribe to a channel: Click the heart icon to follow, click Subscribe, then click Subscribe again, enter payment info.
  • If you have an Amazon Prime subscription, you can subscribe to one channel on Twitch per month for free. 
  • Sign up for Twitch Turbo to block ads on every channel.

This article explains how to block Twitch ads, including how Twitch channel subscriptions and Turbo work, and whether ad blockers really work on Twitch.

How Do You Block Ads on Twitch?

The two official ways to block ads on Twitch are to subscribe to a channel or to subscribe to Twitch Turbo. When you subscribe to a channel, you won’t see most ads on that channel. When you subscribe to Twitch Turbo, most of the ads across the entirety of Twitch will be blocked.

Does a Twitch Subscription Remove Ads?

Yes and no, but mostly yes. When you subscribe to a Twitch channel, most of the ads on that one channel are blocked for you. A streamer can choose to force their subscribers to view ads manually, but that practice isn’t very common. In addition to blocking ads, subscribing to a channel will typically allow you to access unique chat emotes from that channel, and you may get a special badge next to your name in chat showing how long you have subscribed.

Still feeling lost about Twitch? Check out our primer to learn about Twitch subscriptions and how they work.

Does Twitch Turbo Stop Ads?

Twitch Turbo is a site-wide Twitch subscription which blocks most of the ads across the entire site. It won’t block ads if a streamer has embedded the ads in their stream, but it catches all pre-roll ads that would otherwise appear when you load into a stream, and all mid-roll ads that pop up in the middle of a stream.

In addition to blocking ads, Twitch Turbo also includes a handful of other benefits. You get a special Turbo chat badge which you can place next to your name in any stream chat, you get access to an exclusive set of new emotes, and you can also change your name in stream chats.

Turbo also includes a useful benefit for streamers. If you stream on Twitch, your Turbo subscription will allow you to store your past broadcasts for 60 days instead of the standard 14 days.

Twitch Turbo costs about twice as much as a single channel subscription, so it’s a good deal if you watch more than two channels regularly. However, if a channel provides subscriber benefits like subscriber-only chat or subscriber-only video on demand (VODs), Turbo will not give you access to those.

Here’s how to block ads with Twitch Turbo:

  1. Navigate to Twitch's turbo page.

  2. Click Subscribe.

    Subscribe highlighted on Twitch TV.
  3. Log into your account, and provide your billing details.

    The Log In fields highlighted when logging into Twitch.
  4. Ads will now be blocked across all of Twitch.

  • Do ad blockers work on Twitch?

    While you can also block ads on Twitch using an ad blocker, it's not reliable. Twitch actively works to prevent ad blockers from working on its site.

  • How do I block ads in the Twitch app?

    Twitch subscriptions and their ad-blocking features will carry over to mobile. Ad-blocking apps may or may not work, depending on Twitch's ability to get around them.

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