How to Block Spam Calls on Android

And learn many more ways to block unwanted calls

What to Know

  • Navigate to Phone > Number to block > Information > Block; on some devices it might be hold down on the number from the Phone app and select Block/report spam > Block.
  • Ban numbers through your mobile carrier Account Settings.
  • Use a mobile app like Calls Blacklist - Call Blocker.

This article will explain how to block and stop spam calls (or robocalls) from bothering you.

How Do I Stop Spam Calls Permanently?

Unfortunately, permanently stopping spam calls is not possible. New numbers may always be able to get through, or in some cases, the call blocking only works for a certain amount of time. The best way to mitigate your exposure to telemarketers and spam callers is to limit how often you give out your number to third parties.

However, there are a few different ways to stop or block spam calls on Android devices for an extended time. Some of those methods include:

  • Your device’s blocking feature.
  • Installing a blocking app.
  • Blocking calls through your carrier (mobile provider).
  • Registering with the national DoNotCall service.

How to Block Spam Calls on Your Android Using the Dialer

The easiest way to block and prevent spam calls is to use your Android device settings via the built-in dialer app. It works best when the calls come from the same number.

Here's how to block a number with the dialer:

The calls will still show up for billing purposes, and may appear briefly on your phone, but they will not come through.

  1. Open your Phone app.

  2. In the call log, tap on the number you wish to block and then tap the information button.

  3. Tap Block in the bottom right or at the bottom of the screen.

    Phone number, Info (i) icon and Block in the Android 12 Phone app

You can also long-press on the number you want to block and then select the Block option in the sub-menu that appears on some devices. And on some devices the process might be: Phone app > Recents > tap and hold the number you want to block > Block/report spam > Block.

How to Block Spam Calls Through Your Mobile Carrier

The exact process is going to differ based on what carrier you are subscribed to, for example Verizon versus AT&T. But, here’s how to block calls through your mobile carrier:

Not all mobile carriers will offer this feature.

  1. Visit your mobile carrier’s account portal and login.

  2. Look for Account Settings.

  3. Find Call Block or Number Blocking options.

  4. Enter the number or information and click Save.

    Number and Save on Verizon Wireless call and message blocking website

Some providers, like Verizon, will only block calls for up to 90 days. After the period is up, you’ll have to reenter any numbers you want to keep blocked. You may also encounter a cap on the number of numbers that you can block at any given time, as well.

How to Block Spam Calls By Registering on DoNotCall

The FTC or Federal Trade Commission manages a national registry called the Do Not Call Registry. By adding your name, and number to the registry, companies should respect the list and avoid calling your number. If they call anyway, they face legal action.

  1. Registration is pretty straightforward. Just click the appropriate link page on the FCC's Do Not Call Registry page, enter the required information, and that's it. Your number is now listed as a "do not call" contact.

The National Do Not Call Registry only applies to telemarketing calls. Scammers and shady spam callers do not pay it much attention.

What Is the Best Spam Call Blocker for Android?

One popular app, Calls Blacklist - Call Blocker, is free and effective. One of its best features is you can create a safelist, using your contacts, and allow only the people you know to call you, blocking out all others. Of course, you can block individual numbers, as well.

  • How do I unblock a number on Android 12?

    To unblock a number on Android, open the Phone app and tap More > Settings > Blocked Numbers. Tap the X next to the contact you want to unblock. For more options, Google Play has several call blocking apps.

  • How do I block text messages on Android 12?

    To block text messages on Android, tap and hold a conversation, select the circle with the line through it, or report the number as spam. You can also block texts through your carrier.

  • How do I block websites on Android 12?

    If you want to block websites on Android, use an app like Mobile Security, BlockSite, or NoRoot. You can even block sites during a specific time.

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