If You Block Someone on Twitter, Do They Know?

How a Twitter user might discover that you blocked them

Whether you're facing harassment, spam from bots, or just general unpleasant interaction from another Twitter user, blocking that person can put a stop to it.

But if you block people on Twitter, do they know that you blocked them?

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How Blocking Works on Twitter

You can block absolutely any user on Twitter by navigating to their profile (on the web or on the official Twitter mobile app) and selecting the three vertical dots located beside the Follow/Following button.

A dropdown list of options will appear with an option labeled Block @username.

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Blocking a user prevents them from being able to follow you from their blocked account. A blocked user who tries to follow you won't be able to do it, and Twitter will display a message that says, You have been blocked from following this account at the request of the user.

Does Twitter Notify You When Somebody Blocks You?

Twitter will not send you a notification if someone has blocked you. The only way you can tell for sure that you've been blocked is by visiting the other user's profile and and seeing the Twitter block message.

If you suspect that you've been blocked by someone, it's up to you to investigate and confirm it for yourself. If you don't even realize that a particular user is missing from your timeline, you might never even know that you've been blocked.

Keep in mind that tweets from a user that you block will be removed from your timeline if you were previously following them. Twitter will also automatically remove the user you blocked from your followers.

Likewise, your tweets will no longer show up in a blocked user's timeline if they previously followed you. They will also automatically be removed from the blocked user's followers as well.

Keeping Track of Your Blocked Users

If you block a lot of users, Twitter has some advanced blocking options that you ​can take advantage of to keep track of everything. You can export a list of your blocked users, share your list with others, import somebody else's list of blocked users, and manage your list of imported block users separately from your full list.

To access this, click/tap your small profile picture at the top of the screen when signed into Twitter.com and go to Settings and privacy > Blocked accounts. You'll see a list of blocked users plus an Advanced options link, which you can select to either export your list or import a list.

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Is There a Way to Prevent Someone From Finding Out You've Blocked Them?

There's no way to keep a user from finding out that you've blocked them. If you block someone and they visit your profile or try to follow you again, they will see a block message that will prevent them from connecting with you.

There is, however, something else you can consider doing. You can make your Twitter account private so you can avoid blocking people in the first place. Here's how you can make your Twitter profile private.

When your Twitter account is private, anyone who tries to follow you must be approved by you first. If you simply don't approve their follow request, you won't have to block them, and they won't be able to see any of your tweets either as an added bonus.

Twitter Muting: A Friendlier Alternative to Blocking

If you really need to put a stop to all communication between you and a particular user, then blocking is usually the best way to achieve that. However, if you simply don't want to be bothered by a particular user, but don't want to permanently end the relationship, you can simply mute them.

Muting is just what it sounds like. This handy feature essentially allows you to temporarily (or perhaps permanently) filter out all the noise that another user is making in your main feed or @replies without having to actually unfollow or block them.

To do this, just click or tap the three vertical dots on a user profile and select Mute @username.

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The muted user will still be able to follow you, see your tweets, and even @reply to you, but you won't see any of their tweets in your feed (if you follow them) or any of their @mentions in your notifications. Just bear in mind that muting has no effect on directing messaging. If a muted account decides to message you, it will still show up in your DMs.

Remember that the social web is a very open place, so making sure you never share private information online coupled with managing your privacy settings is important if you don't want to be as open as the social web encourages you to be. If you believe that a blocked user may also be considered a spammer, you can report the account to Twitter (the same way as shown above, by selecting the three vertical dots on a profile) so that it may be considered for suspension.