How to Block Someone on a MacBook

How to block a contact on your MacBook

What to Know

  • Block unwanted texts in Messages: Highlight the conversion with the person > Conversations > Block Person > Block.
  • Block unwanted calls in FaceTime by right clicking a recent call > Block This Caller.
  • View list of blocked numbers in both apps: Preferences > iMessage (skip this in FaceTime) > Blocked.

If there are people or phone numbers you never want to hear from, you can block their FaceTime calls or their texts in Messages and they'll never know. This article explains how to block someone from contacting you using FaceTime or Messages on your MacBook.

The instructions in this article are based on a MacBook running macOS 12.2 (Monterey). For earlier versions, the same features are available, but the exact steps or menu names may be slightly different.

How Do I Block a Contact in Messages From My MacBook? 

When you block a contact in Messages, that person's text messages won't appear in your MacBook's pre-installed Messages app. Even better, numbers you block on Mac will also be blocked on iPhones and iPads which are signed into the same Apple ID via iCloud! Here's what to do:

  1. In Messages, single click a conversation with the person you want to block.

    The Messages app on a Mac with a sender highlighted.
  2. Click Conversations.

  3. Click Block Person.

    The Messages app on a Mac with Conversations menu open and Block Person... menu item highlighted.
  4. In the confirmation pop-up, click Block.

    The Block confirmation pop-up in Messages app on a Mac.
  5. While there's no onscreen change to show texts from that number are blocked, rest assured the person is blocked. You won't hear from that phone number again.

You can view your list of blocked numbers, and add to it, by going to Messages > Preferences > iMessage > Blocked. Add or remove numbers from the blocked list with the + and - icons.

Can You Block an Unwanted FaceTime Caller on a MacBook?

Getting unwanted texts is bad, but unwanted FaceTime might even be worse. Follow these steps to block unwanted FaceTime callers:

  1. Open FaceTime.

  2. In the Recents menu, single click a call from the person you want to block.

    A person selected in the FaceTime app on a Mac.
  3. Right click on the call.

  4. Click Block This Caller.

    FaceTime on a Mac of the recent calls list with Block This Caller menu open and Block This Caller menu item highlighted.

    A person must be in your contacts in order to block them. If they're not, the Block This Caller menu doesn't appear. To block them, click Add to Contacts first and then block them.

  5. Nothing on the screen shows the caller is blocked, but if you right-click again, the menu now reads Unblock This Caller.

Just like with Messages, you can see your list of blocked FaceTime callers, and add to or remove from it, by going to Preferences > Blocked. Click + to add more numbers or highlight a number and click - to unblock it.

  • How do I block websites on a MacBook?

    The easiest way to block a website on a MacBook is through Screen Time settings. Go to System Preferences > Screen Time > Content & Privacy, and then select Limit Adult Websites and Customize. In the next window, you can set permissions and restrictions on individual sites.

  • How do I block someone on a Mac?

    These instructions will translate to desktop Macs, since both they and MacBooks use the same operating system (macOS). You can block people directly from Messages and FaceTime.

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