How to Block a Sender in Zoho Mail

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A newsletter from which you just don't seem to be able to unsubscribe; the odd radio station that keeps emailing you in a language no online translator recognizes; delivery errors you know — to ignore and delete: the reasons to want to block senders are many.

In Zoho Mail, the ways to block senders are two. You can set up a filter easily from an existing message or place the sender's address (or their entire domain even) on Zoho Mail's list of blocked senders.

Block a Sender in Zoho Mail

To have Zoho Mail delete messages from a certain sender (or an entire domain) automatically:

  • Follow the Settings link in Zoho Mail.
  • Go to the Mail Settings category.
  • Select Common Settings.
  • Open the Anti-Spam tab.
  • Type the email address ("", for instance) or domain name (e.g. "") you want to block under Black list domains / ID.
  • Click the + button.
  • Now click Save.

You can also set up a filter that deletes a sender's messages automatically:

  • Open a message from the undesired sender.
  • Click Add to in the message's toolbar.
  • Select Filter from the menu.
  • Click the red x to the right of the Subject criterion.
  • Click the rid - to the right of the To/Cc criterion, too.
  • Now click Show more options under Perform these actions.
  • Make sure Yes is selected for Delete the message.
  • Click Save.
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