How to Block a Sender in Zoho Mail

Block messages from unwanted senders and domains

What to Know

  • Log in to your Zoho Mail account, then go to the Zoho Anti-Spam Lists configuration page.
  • Select either Email address or Domain, then select the plus (+) under Blacklist to add new addresses.
  • Use only one source for email filtering (either your email program or the email server) to avoid sorting conflicts.

In Zoho Mail, you can block unwanted inbound messages by placing the sender's address or its entire domain on Zoho Mail's list of blocked senders. This article explains how to block senders in Zoho Mail.

How to Blocklist a Sender or Domain in Zoho Mail

To prompt Zoho Mail to delete messages from a certain sender or an entire domain automatically, log in to your Zoho Mail account then visit the URL for the Anti-Spam Lists configuration page.

From the top row of the window, select either Email address or Domain. The former specifies specific addresses; the latter specifies domains — i.e., everything after the @ sign in an email address.

A screenshot of Zoho Mail with the Email Address and Doman headings in the block section highlighted

Add new addresses next to the plus symbol; delete existing items by selecting them then clicking the trash-can icon in the list.

A screenshot of Zoho Mail's block page with the Add button highlighted

Within these lists, you're presented with two options. Whitelist means that any mail coming from that domain or address is automatically trusted and will never be routed to your spam folder. Blacklist means the mail will always route to your spam folder, automatically.

The changes you make to Zoho Mail's anti-spam lists apply at the account level, which means that your settings work regardless of whether you use Zoho Mail on the web or connect it to a program like Microsoft Outlook.

Filter Collision

Because your settings work for all mail, not just for when you're logged into the web interface, you may run into situations where the behavior you see isn't the behavior you intended. When blocks and filters work at both the server and the client level, in general, what happens at the server applies first — so an email address blocked on the anti-spam blocklist will never push to your email program. However, addresses that might be safelisted in Zoho Mail, but configured as spam in your email program, may end up in the spam folder anyway.

It's good practice to use just one source of filtering — either your email program or the email server. Using both with inconsistent settings may lead to unpredictable delivery results.

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