How to Block Emails From a Specific Domain

Steps for Outlook, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, and Outlook Express

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Microsoft's email clients make it really easy to block messages from a particular email address, but if you're looking for a broader approach, you can even stop getting messages from all email addresses that come from a specific domain.

For example, if you're getting spam emails from, you can easily set up a block for that one address. However, if you keep getting messages from others like,, and, it'd be smarter to block all messages that come from the domain, "" in this case.

It'd be wise to not follow this guide for domains like and, among others, because lots of people use those addresses. If you set up a block for those domains, you will most likely stop getting emails from a large number of your contacts.

Block an Email Domain in a Microsoft Email Program

  1. Open the junk email settings in your email program. The process is a little different with each email client:

    • Outlook: From the Home ribbon menu, choose the Junk option (from the Delete section) and then Junk E-Mail Options.
    • Windows Mail: Go to the Tools > Junk E-Mail Options... menu.
    • Windows Live Mail: Access the Tools > Safety options... menu.
    • Outlook Express: Navigate to Tools > Message Rules > Blocked Senders List... and then skip down to Step 3.

     If you don't see the "Tools" menu, hold down the Alt key.

  2. Open the Blocked Senders tab.

  3. Click or tap the Add... button.

  4. Enter the domain name to block. You can type it with the @ like or without it, such as

    If the email program you're using supports this, there will be an Import from File... button here as well that you can use to import a TXT file full of domains to block. If you have more than a handful to enter, this might be the better option.

    Do not enter multiple domains in the same text box. To add more than one, save the one you just entered and then use the Add... button again.

  5. You're done!

Tips on Blocking Email Domains

In some of Microsoft's older email clients, blocking email addresses by an entire domain might only work with POP accounts.

For example, if you entered "" as the domain to block, all messages from "", "", etc. will be deleted automatically as you'd expect, but only if the account you're using to download those messages is accessing a POP server. When using an IMAP email server, emails might not be moved to the Trash folder automatically.

 If you're not sure if blocking domains will work for your account, go ahead and follow the steps above to test it out yourself.

You can also remove a domain from the list of blocked senders if you want to reverse what you've done. It's even easier than adding the domain: select what you've already added and then use the Remove button to start getting emails from that domain again.