How to Block Friend Requests on Facebook

A change to your privacy settings will only let friends of friends send requests

What to Know

  • Select Delete on a request to block just that one.
  • Website: Settings & privacy > Settings > Privacy > Who can send you friend requests? > Friends of friends.
  • App: Settings & privacy > Settings > Profile settings > Privacy > Who can send you friend requests? > Friends of friends.

This article explains how to block friend requests on Facebook. It covers how to remove a specific request you want to deny, and how to limit who is able to send you friend requests at all. These directions apply to the desktop website and the mobile app.

How to Limit FB Friend Requests

You can't block friend requests completely, but you can tighten up your privacy settings to better define who is able to send you a request.

To do this, change your privacy setting for friend requests to be Friends of friends. That way, the person must already be friends with one of your existing friends to request your friendship. This helps prevent strangers from seeing your Facebook profile.

  1. Select your profile image, and then go to Settings & privacy > Settings.

    Settings menu item highlighted in the Setting & Privacy section on Facebook's site.
  2. Select Privacy from the left column on the desktop site, or Profile settings > Privacy from the mobile app.

  3. In the How people find and contact you section, select Who can send you friend requests?.

  4. Change Everyone to Friends of friends.

    Friends of friends setting highlighted in the Privacy section of Facebook's site.

How to Block a Friend Request

Stopping the request is another way to respond to unwanted friend requests. If you'd rather not follow the above steps, you can instead keep your profile open enough that strangers can still request your friendship, but you still have control over who you accept.

You can block a friend request in two ways, depending on how persistent the user is at trying to be your friend:

Deny the Friend Request

The typical way to respond to a request to be friends on Facebook by someone you don't want to associate with, is to simply deny the request. You have two options when someone sends you a request: choose Delete to block it, or Confirm to allow it.

Select the notifications button at the top right of the website or app to view recent friend requests.

Delete button highlighted on Facebook friend request page.

To see all pending friend requests, visit the Friend Requests page on Facebook. If you're using the app, tap Find Friends on your profile page, followed by Requests.

Block the User

Block the person on Facebook if you've denied their request, but they won't stop sending other requests. This will stop them from messaging you, too, so if you really don't want anything to do with the person, and denying their friend request won't get them off your back, blocking is really your last option.

How to Stop a Friend Request

The above steps provide ways to stop a friend request coming to you from another person, but you can also do the opposite and stop your friend request you've sent to someone else.

An easy way to do this is to view your sent friend requests on Facebook. From there you'll be able to select Cancel request to stop it immediately.

  • How do I block someone on Facebook?

    To block a Facebook user, first go to their profile. Click or tap the More (three dots) menu under their header image, and then select Block. When you block someone, they can't see your profile, leave comments, or find you in search.

  • How do I block a page on Facebook?

    You can block a page the same way you block a personal profile. Go to the page, and then go to More > Block. When you block a page, you won't see it in your recommendations, and you won't see posts people you follow share from it.

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