How to Block Users on Yahoo! Messenger

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Blocking Users in Yahoo! Messenger

Yahoo! Messenger provides a block feature to stop users you choose from contacting you.

When you receive a contact from a user in Yahoo! Messenger, block them using either of these methods:

  • In the conversation screen, click on the user's profile image and select "Block User" in the menu. Click "Confirm" to block the user.
  • Select the conversation with the user you want to block and click the "i" icon in the upper right of the Yahoo! Messenger window. This will show you information on the user. Click "Block User" at the bottom and then "Confirm" to block the user.

Now, anytime you use Yahoo! Messenger—including on other devices that you may use the account through, such as your mobile phone—the system will automatically block any messages the blocked user attempts to send you. You will not see their messages or attempts to contact you.

The blocked user is only alerted that they have been blocked if they attempt to send a message to you.

Learn how to manage your list of blocked users and how to unblock users in the next slide.

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Managing Your Blocked List

You can see a list of users you have blocked in Yahoo! Messenger, and unblock them if you wish.

Click your profile image in the upper left corner of the Yahoo! Messenger window. Under your profile information, click "Blocked People".

On the right will be displayed a list of users you currently have blocked. If you have not blocked anyone, you will see "No blocked people" in the window.

Unblocking Users

If you decide you want to unblock a user you previously blocked, simply click the "Unblock" button to the right of the user in your Blocked People list.

When a user is unblocked, normal communications with that person can resume. The person will not be notified when you unblock them.

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Stopping Unwanted Contacts in IMs

The internet has a lot of great things to offer—and a few not-so-great things that may not be so much offered to you as forced on you. Unsolicited and unwanted contacts on instant messaging apps are examples of this negative side.

You're not defenseless against this kind of communication, however. The block feature, which may also be known as muting or ignoring, lets you shut down any and all interactions from a user, and it's simple to enact.

What Does "Blocking" Mean?

In online communications and social media interactions, to block someone means to stop any communications or other interactions between another user and yourself. This generally prevents all messages, posting, file sharing or other features available through the service from being initiated by the blocked user in which you are the intended recipient.

When you block a user, he or she is usually not alerted to this until they attempt to contact you in some way through the service.

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