How to Block an Artist on Spotify

Remove artists from your Spotify queue

What to Know

  • Mobile: Open the artist's page > tap the three dots icon > select Don't play this.  
  • Desktop: Open your Discover Weekly playlist > locate a song from the artist > click the cancel icon > select I don't like (artist name)
  • The desktop app doesn't let you block artists outside of the Discover Weekly playlist.

This article explains how to block an artist on Spotify, including instructions for the desktop Spotify app and the mobile Spotify app.

How Do I Block Artists on Spotify?

Spotify is well-known for its automatically generated playlists that take the music you’ve liked in the past, apply their algorithm magic, and provide hours of entertainment. If there’s an artist you no longer want to hear on Spotify, you can prevent that artist from appearing in your playlists, Discover Weekly list, and Daily Mixes.

Here’s how to block artists on Spotify:

  1. Open Spotify on your mobile device.

  2. Open the artist page for the artist you want to block.

    If you don't see the artist you remove on the Spotify home tab, tap the Search icon and type the artist's name.

  3. Tap the three dots icon located beneath the artist's cover image.

  4. Tap Don’t play this.

    Three dot menu and Don't play this highlighted in Spotify app
  5. Repeat this process for each artist you want to block.

Use the mobile app to mute artists on Spotify. The desktop app only lets you give feedback on the Discover Weekly playlist, so the artist you dislike may still appear elsewhere.

How Do You Remove an Artist From Spotify On Desktop?

There’s no way to remove an artist from your Spotify account in the desktop app or website, but you can block songs from showing up in the Discover Weekly playlist. Other songs from that artist may appear in the future, in which case you should block them as well. Eventually, Spotify will be less likely to add that artist to your Discover Weekly playlist.

Here’s how to remove an artist from Spotify on Desktop:

  1. Open the Spotify desktop app and click the Discover Weekly playlist.

    You may need to scroll down to locate the Discover Weekly playlist.

    Discover Weekly highlighted in Spotify
  2. Locate a song from the artist you want to remove, and click the cancel icon (circle with a - inside).

    The (-) icon highlighted on a song in the Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify

    The cancel icon is hidden until you move your mouse over a song, or the song is currently playing.

  3. Click I don’t like (artist).

    I don't like this artist highlighted in Spotify

    If you just want to block one song, click I don’t like (song).

  4. Repeat this process for each song or artist you want to remove, and Spotify will adjust your Discover Weekly playlist over time.

Why Can’t You Block Artists on the Spotify Desktop App?

The option to block artists on Spotify didn't exist at all for a long time. Spotify initially implemented it in the iOS Spotify app, and the feature came to the Android Spotify app after that. The option is still missing from the desktop app, although Spotify may add it if enough users request it. If you use the desktop app a lot, and you would like to have the option to block or mute artists, then you may want to vote for Spotify to add artist blocking to the desktop app.

  • Can I block a user on Spotify?

    Yes. To block Spotify users, go to their profile, select the three dots in the upper right corner, then select Block.

  • How do I block ads on Spotify?

    Subscribe to Spotify Premium to stream music ad-free. There are also ad-blockers like Mutify, StopAd, and EZBlocker, but some apps cost money or only mute ads.

  • How do I block explicit songs on Spotify?

    Set up Spotify parental controls. Then, when you add someone to your Premium Family account, you can adjust the Spotify explicit filter to make sure they only hear clean versions of songs.

  • How do I find my most listened to artist on Spotify?

    You can't see your top artists on Spotify. You can, however, use the Stats for Spotify app to see which artists you listen to the most.

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