Blizzard Says You Can’t Pay Your Way Through 'Diablo IV'

Seasonal content should also be fairly balanced for everyone

Blizzard lays worries of unfair player advantages in Diablo IV to rest, stating that nobody will be able to "pay for power" in seasonal content.

The latest quarterly update for the upcoming action RPG Diablo IV details some of Blizzard's plans surrounding post-launch content and how it wants to keep things fair for its players. This is particularly with regards to how it relates to online player interactions, as balance for player-versus-player (PvP) combat has been an ongoing concern.

Legendary armor (left) compared to shop cosmetics (right)

Blizzard Entertainment, Inc

Post-release, Diablo IV will receive a steady stream of seasonal content, each with its own unique quest line and feedback-driven gameplay adjustments. Everyone will have to create a brand new character to begin a new season, which Blizzard believes will help keep things fair. It also means that anyone who may have missed previous seasons won't be at a disadvantage, gameplay-wise.

The current shop in the Diablo IV internal beta

Blizzard Entertainment, Inc

Also, in the interest of fairness to players, Blizzard is limiting what Diablo IV's in-game shop (which uses premium currency paid for with real-world money) will have to offer. Blizzard assures that the only thing you'll be able to buy with real money is cosmetics that affect the look—but not the statistics or performance—of a character.

The intention is to make sure players won't be able to outright buy powerful equipment or speed up their character development, thus giving them an unfair advantage over those who can't or won't pay. Essentially, any and all gear that would affect your character's performance in any way has to be earned through playing the game.

With Diablo IV still in development, it's possible some of this might change either before or after its release. That said, it's also possible Blizzard will make good on its claims and that the game will become another example of paid content in a $60+ game done fairly.

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