Review of the Album Art Downloader Program 'Bliss'

Automatically download and organize album art in your music library

Illustration of a person looking at Album Artwork on her iMac

Lifewire / Derek Abella

Bliss bills itself as a tool to audit your music collection — it "assesses your music collection for compliance with the rules you configure. Then it fixes the problems or asks you to confirm the fixes."

This browser-based tool does what it says. However, the ball's in your court regarding which rules you choose to implement.

Bliss works on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers as well as Sinology and QNAP network-aware storage devices.

Updating Album Art

bliss control screen
What We Like
  • Trial version with 100 free fixes.

  • Additional rules to help fix your music library.

  • Runs in a browser, not as a dedicated app.

What We Don't Like
  • Requires Java over the internet, which can open insecurities unrelated to Bliss.

  • Tray app seems like a glorified notifier.

  • App is slow to execute on even simple tasks.

Start Bliss to see how simple it is to update your album-art library. Just specify the folder where your on-disk music lies, and you're off to the races. The results in our sample came back perfectly accurate, but incomplete, and it took Bliss more than one minute to scan just seven CD covers:

bliss scan

In addition, Bliss required several minutes to acknowledge all the items within the folder (the folder contained 22 items, not seven; the others dropped in after we initiated a manual rescan).

It's likely that a high-speed internet connection will yield substantially better results. However, without a clear understanding of how large Bliss's back-end cover-art library is, it's difficult to know how effective the program will be with old or rare albums.

Additional Rules

bliss rules

Bliss also supports additional rules. In our free-trial mode, the service offered 18 rules that offer real benefit to music-library management:

  • Cover Art: Enforce singular embedded art, min/max resolution, format types, and image backups
  • Tags: Find missing, check accuracy, pad track numbers, consolidate genres, check artist names/aliases, trim white space, enforce capitalization
  • Album Integrity: Find duplicate tracks within albums
  • File Paths: Enforce a common file structure
  • Tag Types: Check/create/verify ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags

Best Use Cases

Bliss offers an interesting and useful mix of tools to help you manage your music library. It's available on a wide variety of platforms. The only catch is that because it's browser-based and requires Java access, you can only use it online.

The rules engine seems to work well, but Bliss failed to recognize some of our sample albums. What it did find, however, was accurate.

Given that Bliss offers a 100-fix free trial, there's no reason to not at least give it a spin before you buy a different vendor's product.