Blipsy Bar: Retro Video Arcade and Bar in L.A.

A Hidden Gem for Retro Gaming Fans

Blipsey Barcade flyer

 Flyer © Blipsy Barcade; Centipede Art © Atari

When walking down the street on N. Western Avenue in K-Town you might accidentally overlook L.A.’s best haven for game fans. The inside, however, is far from abandoned. A little divey but majorly retro, when you take a step in you’ll be immediately blasted with a party every night complete with booze, food, DJs and a cavalcade of classic arcade games, which are still just a quarter-a-play.

You've arrived at Blipsy Bar.

The Origins of Blipsy Bar (Formerly Blipsy's Barcade)

Years ago, a group of Los Angeles friends who fixed up and collected classic arcade games had regular retro gaming parties where they would invite folks over for brews and to play all of the games in their collection.

Soon this went from a party to a career, as they partnered up to open a bar in K-Town called Miss T’s Barcade. Miss. T’s was only allowed to serve beer, wine, Sake and Soju, but they soon gained a big cult following with rocking DJs and the best selection of retro games of any other place in LA. Every weekend the place was packed, so in 2010 they expanded.

For a few months they shut down Barcade, took over the space next door, and after a brief vacation, they reopened on Sep. 2010 as Blipsy Barcade.

Now simply Blipsy Bar, you will find more space and a full bar with DJ nights, movie nights, a boatload of arcade classics including:

Blipsy Bar is a favorite hangout in K-Town for adult classic video game enthusiasts.