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Overview of is aimed primarily at videobloggers, podcasters, internet TV producers and the like: that is, at people who are producing a steady stream of episodes. However, the fact that Blip pays you for your content means you might just want to go ahead and post your movies even if you don't have a TV show's worth of content.

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To sign up, you need a username, password, email and a name for your show.

Uploading to

There are four ways to upload to the web form, which is the most powerful; your cellphone (all you do is set a mobile password, which they use to make an email address you send the file to); FTP; and their downloadable desktop software, which allows you to upload multiple videos simultaneously.

Note: Windows Movie Maker has been discontinued by Microsoft; this information is only for readers who received it prior to discontinuation. also offers a plug-in that, when downloaded, allows you to upload your content straight to from within Windows Movie Maker. There is no file size limit, though they recommend limiting file size to 100MB when possible, as some viewers may have trouble watching larger files.

Compression on makes a Flash version of your movie to display, but viewers can choose to watch your video in its original format.

Sharing from offers a whole lot of sharing options. Click "Share" under the video player to see HTML code you can copy and paste to embed the player, as well as links that allow you to post to your blog and sites like Flickr.

You can also click the "Distribution" link in the sidebar on your Dashboard to set up cross-posting, where will post your video to all sorts of different sites automatically. What's more, every show on is set up as an iTunes podcast, and you can get your content listed and featured in the iTunes Podcast Directory.


Terms of Service for lets you retain all rights to your original content. Don't upload content that is obscene, harmful, violates copyright, etc.

Other Important Information About

It should be noted that has unusually explicit guidelines about the nature of their content, specifying that things such as the depiction of cruelty to animals, replicable drug use, nudity, any information about a minor other than the first name, excessive profanity, libel, slander, etc., are not to be uploaded.


Advertising from now lets all users incorporate advertising into their show. All you need is a PayPal account. You can choose from several different advertising setups, or opt out altogether.