Innovative Uses for BlackBerry Voice Notes App

BlackBerry AppWorld

The BlackBerry Voice Notes Recorder application is a great app that is often underutilized. There are some fairly obvious ways to use it, such as recording a grocery list or your parking spot number. Here are some other ways to use the Voice Notes Recorder that you probably have not tried.

Studying For Exams

Reading, writing, and listening to auditory recordings of information will help you recall the information when you need to. Read the exam information into the Voice Notes Recorder, and then listen to your recordings as part of your study process. You can even create auditory flash cards. Read a question, wait 15-30 seconds, and then read the answer, and save the voice note. Play them back to quiz yourself.

Create Ringtones

If you want to know when specific people are calling you, the easiest way to do that is by setting a custom ringtone for them. You can use the Voice Notes Recorder to create an auditory file and then set it as a ringtone.

Take Patient Notes

Medical professionals have to capture and record mountains of patient data. It is easy to lose small bits of patient information if it is not accurately written down or is taken out of context by the next person who reads the patient's chart. Use the BlackBerry Voice Notes Recorder to record patient vitals, the names of medications, or other bits of pertinent information. With a patient's permission, you could also use it to record patient interviews in the exam room.

Meetings and Minutes

If crucial information is discussed in a meeting, use Voice Notes Recorder to capture it. If you have enough space on your BlackBerry's memory card, you may even be able to record the entire meeting and transcribe meeting minutes from it.