How to Clear the App World Cache on Your BlackBerry

Here's How to See Your App Updates Quicker

BlackBerry running Amazon Appstore.

Have you ever read that a BlackBerry app has been updated and rushed to App World — only to find out that the new version is not available? The root of the problem is actually the App World application's cache, and you can clear it by following these simple directions.

Note: This article is for devices running BlackBerry OS. If you're using a newer, Android-based BlackBerry device, then you shouldn't have these issues.

From a Blackberry with SureType or a QWERTY keyboard:

  1. Launch App World.
  2. While holding the alt key, type rst.

For BlackBerry Storm devices:

  1. Launch App World.
  2. Hold the device in Landscape mode, and then activate the on-screen keyboard.
  3. Press and hold the ?!123 buttons until it locks.
  4. Type the following characters in sequence: 34(

Once you perform the reset, App World will close. The next time you launch it and click on My World, you will be prompted to re-enter your Blackberry ID (which was previously cached), and your list of applications will be refreshed.