Black and White Cheats Codes FAQs and Hints for PC

Change World Attributes, Influence, Go to Any Village, and More

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In your Black and White directory, go into the scripts subdirectory. There are files such as "Land1" and another subdirectory called "Playgrounds". Inside, there are files like "TwoGods". Open any of these files like the ones mentioned above with Wordpad or Notepad.

Here you can edit attributes to the land, like miracles! You can also change the amount of food and wood in your village store. Just change the numbers in the brackets. e.g. (500) change it to (99999999).

You can also set your town belief and influence radius by editing Player and Town influence. Try adding 99999999 to these attributes. As for miracles, it depends on what kind of god you want to be. If you're evil, you can change the "WATER_PU1" or "FOOD" Miracles to"FIRE_PU2" (five fireballs!). Or "BEAM_EXPLOSION_PU2" (the powerful mega blasts!). Or if you want to be good, try adding "HEAL_PU1". Remember, the trick to this is trial and error so make some backups of the scripts. You can also move or delete objects, be careful what you do, though. You don't wanna wreck the game. Experiment with the town belief and influence multiplier (our advice is not to go over 99999999 as it may cause side effects). Also, many miracles will be listed in the scripts themselves, look for them and remember, many miracles can have powerups represented by "PU1" or "PU2".

Teach a Creature a Miracle Hint

First get the creature on the rope leash, then give him a one-shot miracle. About every other time you do this there will be a lightbulb saying how well the creature has learned that particular miracle. Then click on the ground to get him to drop it before he tries to cast it. Repeat this chain of actions until the creature has learned the miracle 100%.

Tons of Belief

First, charge-up a Forest miracle (if you have it at your worship site of course) then cast it in a village you want to take over. When it's fully appeared you'll get a lot of belief, but for even more follow these steps:

  1. When it's fully appeared (there will be butterflies if it is) click the action button on the thing that looks like a stick on top of it.

  2. The forest will be charged for 0 prayer power.

  3. Activate it in the same village.

  4. Be careful not to activate it quickly because every time you do it like this a smaller amount of trees will be created.

Level 4 Guarded Stone Sequence

In level 4 (where you must defeat the 3 guardian stones) one of the stones is guarded by a shield. You have to touch bells in order to make it disappear, this is the sequence:

Make this stone the first one to disappear, because the fireball rain it controls does the most damage to your followers, and you need them.

Go to Any Village

In the third village, there will be a villager in front of a temple just below the hill where the guru stands. We can go to any village outside our influence by throwing him repeatedly until we reach the village.

Miracle Shots in the Third Level

At the end of the third level (when the teleporter appears) go to the house of the guy you had to follow and try picking up some trees. You'll find lots of miracles shots underneath two trees.

Skeletons Live, I Tell You

If you put a dead villager in a teleport he/she will come out alive at the other end. If you pick the person up at this point he/she will die again. Let the skeleton walk back to its house. It will regain its health after sleeping for a while. You can now treat this skeleton as a normal villager and pick it up and do whatever you want with it.

Easy Water Miracles

After you go through the training for knocking the rock off the pillar, go back to it and start knocking it off over and over and you will keep getting water miracles.

Unlimited Water Miracles on Level 1

Use the following trick to get unlimited Water Miracles on the first level. At the place where there is the first silver reward, scroll on land one. After completing it, knock over the rock again and it turns into a Water Miracle.

Alter Time

Hold Alt and press 1 to slow down time or hold Alt and press 2 to speed up time.

South Park Spoof Easter Egg

Leave the game running without taking any actions. Eventually, you will hear the advisors in a spoof of South Park.

Easy Miracles — Another Method

You can teach your creature some miracles easily. Take either Food, Wood, Water, Lightning, Fireball, Teleport, or any other miracle you can use and use some/regrab it. Then put the rest back in the dish at the worship site. You will get the same amount of prayer power, so you can use it again.

Finding One-Shot Miracles

You can sometimes find one-shot miracles under trees and rocks in Black and White, as stated in the level 3 cheat above, so be sure to check them out.

Dice and Teddy Bear

In land one (the first island), go above the cache (the location where many children live), and zoom in until you are "in" the house. You should see two big dice, a small die, and a big Teddy Bear.

Unlimited Lightning Miracles

Take the Lightning Miracle and go to the edge of your influence. You can win whole towns by jumping out long enough for a brief shot and back in before it is used up.

Edit Villager's Names

If you search for the file names.txt in your Black directory, you will be able to edit this list of names that are allocated to your villagers. Make sure that you type how many names are in the list on the first line of the text file, so if you had 50 names in your list, the first line would read 50. Add the names of your friends, or the names of your enemies, it will add a new level of villager interaction. Note: Always create a backup of your file before editing it to avoid having a corrupt game.

Dizzy Evil Conscience Easter Egg

Start the tutorial and wait for your conscience to stop talking. Repeatedly move your mouse in circles and your evil conscience's head will eventually start spinning.

Unlimited Food and Wood

Activate a Food or Wood Miracle. Then hold the Hand over the door of the village store or workshop and quickly and repeatedly press the Right Mouse Button. If done correctly, a large amount of food or wood will be created for very little mana.

Beach Balls, Bowling Balls, and Bowling Pins Easter Egg

Go to the God's Playground (press [F2] during game play) and exit out of the first tutorial by pressing [Esc]. Then zoom all the way out. Look for the small island off of the larger one. When you find it, zoom in on it. Rotate the camera so that you are looking at the small island and can see the large island in the distance. At the base of the small island, you will see two beach balls, two bowling balls and some bowling pins with smiley faces on them.

Smiley Face Footprints — April Fools!

Set your system date to April 1 and begin the game. Your character will leave smiley face footprints in the ground.

Control Hints

Since navigation is such a big part of this game, personalizing control is key to your success and enjoyment of the game. While point and click control is well developed, it is quicker to assign movement to the keyboard. Map the movement controls to the AWSD buttons, like a first-person shooter. Set Q and E for camera rotation, and R and F to change pitch. This will make controlling your god hand quick and easy, and keep your other hand free to use the two-button mouse and zoom wheel.

Double-clicking is another great way to move around the map and quickly zoom in on the action you want to be a part of. Whenever moving around the map, zoom out and tilt down to get a bigger perspective. It will save you a lot of time and frustration to see the whole island and simply click to the region you want to be in.

While your powers only work within areas you control, you can affect areas outside of your domain for a very brief period of time. By quickly crossing outside of your realm of influence, you can grab valuable resources and even rival villagers that you can convert or sacrifice to gain more Miracle power.

Five Teddy Bears

To get five quite harmless yet fun to throw teddy bears, find the gold story scroll near the large crater near the Indian graveyard. Select it and do as the man says and after you finish the teddy bears will still be in the crater and available to toss about or arrange in any manner you wish.

More Bowling Balls and Bowling Pins

To find two very small bowling balls and ten downsized versions of the pins found on the small island just look near the bottom of the mountain with the Celtic Wonder on top. There should be a shallow ditch at the bottom side facing in towards the mainland where you will find the bowling balls and pins.

Another Toy Ball

To find another toy ball just go to the narrowest part of the mainland and look for a medium sized grey rock standing straight up with a very pointy tip. Hiding behind it is the toy ball.

Village Belief

Choose a village that you want to get some belief from. Make sure your and/or creature has Fireball, Water and/or Heal miracle. Then, use Fireball to get some belief. Next, with your and/or your creature, use Water and/or heal on the flaming villagers to get even more belief. To get more, you can rebuild the buildings that were destroyed.

Floating Tree

In the first level after the sailors build the boat, but before you give them meat, put a tree on top of the boat and make sure it remains there. Then give them what they need. After they are gone, the tree will be floating.

Stone Heads of Doom

To find the two angry stone heads go to the hill near the crater talked about in how to get the five teddy bears that have a big forest atop it. If you're in the right spot you should be able to see the two angry stone heads very easily. Note that if destroying villages is your goal these stone heads are perfect for it.

Get Any Creature from the Start

Go to My Computer > C: > Program Files > Lionhead Studios Ltd. > Black & White, > Data > Ctr. Then you will see a list of all the creatures in the game. To get any of these, you must switch places of one of the 3 started characters (Ape, Cow, Tiger) by switching the name of one of them to the one you want, then start up Black & White. When you make a new game and get the creature quest finished, you will see the creature you want instead of the cow, or tiger or ape. (An example is switching the BHorse.CBN file to the BCow.CBN file.) That will switch places of both those creatures in the game.

Make a backup before renaming any files.

White Mushrooms Tip

The small white ones slightly increase the growth of your creature. Keep an eye out for them.

Cast Spells out of Your Power

To cast spells out of your area of effect, create a town center scaffold and move it somewhere just out of your area. When it appears it will have a small area of effect by itself. Now pick the scaffold back up and move it somewhere close to the town center and put it back down. When you have it at the area you want to cast spells, cast a spell and move out of the are of effect. As you can go a short distance from it you can cast spells far out of your main area of effect. This may or may not work if you have downloaded a patch.