'Black and White 2' No-CD Patch

Ways to bypass having to insert physical game discs when playing

Hand putting cd into disc tray

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"No-CD" patches are used to bypass having to insert a game's CD or DVD into your CD-ROM drive every time you want to play. Developers do not officially support no-cd patches (or cracks) as they are often used for pirated copies. "Black and White 2" is no different.

How No-CD Patches Work

A no-CD or no-DVD patch is usually a "cracked" version of the executable file (the .exe file) that is used to launch the game. The command to check for the CD or DVD disc has been removed from the file.

When using a no-CD patch, you can encounter a problem if the game is updated to a new version. When this occurs, the no-CD version of the executable file may no longer work to launch the game. In this case, you would need to find a new no-CD cracked executable file that works with the new version of the game.

Why Players Use No-CD Patches

Players use no-CD patches for several reasons. The first, of course, is simply the convenience of sitting down and playing your game without having to dig out the CD or DVD disc for every gaming session. You get in and get playing a lot quicker when you can skip this step.

Perhaps a more important reason is to protect the original game CDs or DVDs from scratches and other damage. Every time you have to take the game discs out of their sleeves or cases, there is a risk of damaging them.

Repeated sliding in and out of sleeves, for example, can wear on the disc surface. If you've gotten dirt into your sleeve by accident, the next time you put the disc in or pull it out, you could end up scratching it severely.

Damaged discs may stop working because your DVD or CD-ROM drive can no longer read the data through the scratched surface.

If you bypass the need to insert a disc when you play a game by using a no-CD patch, your discs can stay safely stored away.

The legality of no-CD patches or cracks is questionable, so please only use a  for "Black and White 2" if you own the game. 

Alternative to No-CD Patches

If the idea of downloading and running a strange hacked executable file on your computer leaves you feeling uneasy, you're probably smart. It's never a good idea to open files on your computer that came from sources you don't know and trust.

There is an alternative way to play your games without needing to resort to a no-CD patch; you can use virtual CD software. This software creates images of your CD or DVD disc as an ISO file on your hard drive that can then be accessed by the game so you don't have to keep pulling out your game discs.

This method does require you to use third-party software you may have to purchase, and you will have to have space on your hard drive to store the disc image. Software can be found by searching the internet, and freeware is often available.