BitLord Review

A review of the free torrent client BitLord

Screenshot of BitLord in Windows 7
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What we like

  • Small download

  • Open and clutter-free interface

  • Able to limit bandwidth usage

  • Supports download by torrent file, magnet link, and URL

  • Lets you create your own torrents

  • Program can be password protected

What we don't like

  • Tries to make unnecessary changes to your computer during setup

  • Website may be flagged as containing harmful software

Although the initial download for BitLord is very tiny, walking through the setup will make you download the actual setup file, which is a bit bigger.

BitLord is a free torrent client for Windows and Mac operating systems that's easy to use and supports nice features.

Some of the more notable qualities in BitLord include a built-in browser for easily finding and downloading torrents, video/audio streaming, and playlists.

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More About BitLord

Following are other details on BitLord:

  • Unlike some online torrent clients, like ZBIGZ, BitLord doesn't limit how much data you can use — you can upload and download as many files as you like, and do it however often you need to
  • While downloading torrents, you're able to sort the list by the: name of the torrent, overall progress of the download, size of the download, upload and download speed, number of seeders and peers, date the torrent was added, and the estimated finish time
  • Seeding options like the ratio limit and total seed time can be manually adjusted
  • Top List is a portion of the program that gives you fast access to the most popular torrents at
  • BitLord can be configured to prevent your computer from going into standby mode if it's downloading or uploading files
  • The number of torrents that BitLord is allowed to download and seed at the same time can be adjusted in the preferences
  • The built-in browser lets you open any torrent site you like so you're not stuck with the one provided by BitLord
  • UPnP, LSD, DHT, NAT-PMP, and Peer Exchange can be enabled or disabled at will
  • You're able to create your own playlists to organize your audio and video downloads, and then play all the files consecutively
  • A scheduler setting lets you limit (or completely stop) the number of active torrents, as well as their download and upload speeds, for any time of day on any day of the week
  • Pausing/resuming all uploads and downloads can be performed with just a couple clicks
  • During setup, BitLord will automatically create a firewall exception for downloading and uploading files
  • You're able to add RSS feeds to BitLord to ensure you're always up to date with new torrent releases
  • Encryption can be enabled or disabled for inbound and outbound traffic

My Thoughts on BitLord

Overall, I like BitLord because it seems to have plenty of useful features without leaving it too confusing to use. This means it can be the sole torrent client for anyone and everyone.

Although it's generally not an acceptable thing to do, BitLord lets you completely disable seeding by setting the speed of uploads and the number of upload slots to zero. This is useful for people who have very little upload bandwidth and would rather not use it up on torrents.

One feature I want to mention here that's not in the list above is the Add torrents in Paused state option in BitLord's preferences. This means when you first add a torrent to the program, it won't immediately start downloading. This can be helpful if you want to add torrents to the queue but aren't ready to start downloading them just yet.

As I say above, BitLord's website may be flagged as hosting harmful software, but you can skip over these alerts because the software itself is clean from malware.

Be sure that you don't click through setup too quickly, because an unrelated program tries to install along with BitLord, which will change your browser home page and add unrelated software to your computer. You must click Skip if you wish to avoid this.

BitLord's setup file is downloaded in a RAR file, which means you'll need a file extractor program like 7-Zip or PeaZip to extract it.