Bitdefender, Romania, and the Dragon-Wolf

Inextricably and Happily Interlinked

Romanian Parliament lit up like the flag

Horia Varlan/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

You can't visit Romania without acutely feeling the murmurs of the past, a culturally and historically-rich legacy that gently undulates beneath today's modern and very urban Bucharest and which breaks free in the ancient fortresses, monasteries, and castles that dot the lush countryside. And just perhaps the connected feeling that is evoked in visitors is a result of a connection with our own history. Romania, after all, can trace our human ancestors in Europe to some 42,000 years ago.

Providing a line of antivirus software and security protection, Bitdefender is the largest and most successful software developer in Romania. First launched in 2001, Bitdefender may not have ancient roots, but it does share many things with its country of origin.

Five Things They Have in Common

  1. Remember that moderation is key. Palinca is a clear fruit brandy distilled in the Carpathian Basin in Romania. One quickly learns that a little palinca goes a long way, warming the heart and setting the stage for the wonderful variety of wine and food sure to follow. The key, of course, is moderation. Bitdefender antivirus understands moderation better than most, providing incremental scans during periods of low system use so you're never interrupted and never have to wait hours for a scan to complete.
  2. Layered defenses offer the best protection. With its two-ringed walls and a moat, the Calnic Fortress successfully defended the Saxons from sieges by Ottoman Turks throughout the 16th to 19th centuries. And the fortress still stands today. Bitdefender, too, understands the importance of multiple layers of defense. The company was one of the first to incorporate a firewall and behavioral-based protection to complement traditional signature-based protection.
  3. Keep your friends close and your enemy closer. The people of Romania are warm, joyful, and very sociable. Recognizing that the friendlier you are, the more you may be preyed upon by opportunistic attackers, Bitdefender is the first to provide dedicated social networking protection for Facebook and Twitter. Available as a free standalone app (Safego) and integrated into the 2012 Bitdefender line of antivirus and Internet security suites, Bitdefender's social networking protection warns if links on your Facebook wall or Twitter feed lead to malicious content and can also alert you if your Facebook privacy settings are not secure.
  4. Whether born or made, strong leaders prevail. Despite repeated invasions and political changes over the millennia, the people of Romania have managed to keep their language, culture, and much of their borders intact. In short, while dictators and politicians have come and gone, it is the people of Romania who define the country and preserve their own heritage. Bitdefender also demonstrates strong leadership, with repeated high scores in virus detection capability from independent certification agencies. As an example, in tests of 22 antivirus products performed by in the second quarter of 2011, Bitdefender scored a perfect 6.0 for protection and a near perfect 5.5 for repair and usability - a score unmatched by any other competitor.
  5. Look to the future, but honor the past. Throughout the ages, Romanians have preserved their heritage through song and dance passed down from generation to generation. While Bitdefender won't regale you with music or dance, the company does take great pride in its country. To demonstrate this, Bitdefender unveiled its new branding for the 2012 line of Bitdefender antivirus and security suites. The new logo is a modern rendition of the Dragon-Wolf - a wolf's head on a dragon's tail emblazoned on banners carried by Dacian warriors. It was the merging of Rome and Dacia which first formed Romania in 106 AD. Where the Dragon-Wolf banner was designed to protect the Dacian warrior against evil forces in the physical world, fittingly the Bitdefender product line provides unsurpassed protection against those threats in the digital world. It is through its reinterpretation and adoption of the Dragon-Wolf logo that Bitdefender shows its pride in country and honors the remarkable history and culture of Romania and its people. Likewise, Romanians can take great pride in Bitdefender, which has earned its role as a leader on the international security software stage. To both the country and the company, let me raise a glass of polinca and say "noroc" (cheers).