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Bio Menace is a side-scrolling platformer that was originally released back in 1993 for MS-DOS based PCs. In 2005 it was released as freeware by Apogee Software Ltd/3D Realms and is still available for free download. In Bio Menace, players take on the role of Snake Logan, a CIA agent, who is sent on a reconnaissance mission after Mutants have attacked the fictional Metro City. Snake's mission suddenly changes when he is shot down over Metro City and he is forced to grab what he can and start making his way through the city taking on mutants, robots, boss fights and more on numerous levels until they are able to make their way into the main fortress guarding the secret behind the destruction of Metro City.

Weapons, Enemies, and Episodes of Bio Menace

In Bio Menace, there's plenty of items and firepower for Snake Logan to find along the way including machine guns, plasma guns, multiple types of grenades, landmines, and many more items that provide special bonuses. The game also includes more than 30 enemies that players will have to deal with. These include mutants, robots, boss fights and the final fights for each of the game's three episodes Dr. Mangle's Last Stand, The Hidden Lab, and Master Cain. These episodes are somewhat independent of one other and contain 11, 11 and 12 levels respectively. The main objective of the individual levels is to rescue as many hostages as possible which will ultimately unlock the next level. Enemies become more and more challenging as Snake progresses through the levels with the final level of each episode ending in a boss fight where he faces the toughest enemies in the game. In total there are more than 30 different enemies that players will fight against.

The graphics in Bio Menace are 16 Color EGA graphics and 320x200 video resolution which has become synonymous with the retro gaming look. While the opening game options/menu shows an option for the higher-end VGA graphics (and potentially higher resolution), they are not selectable in current 3D Realms version of the game. The game, if run in VGA mode, would still only show the 16 color EGA graphics at 320x200.

Controls for Bio Menace are rather simple using the four keyboard arrow keys to move left, right, backward, open doors, climb, and descend. The actions keys include the Alt and Ctrl keys for firing your weapons and jumping respectively and the Enter key for throwing grenades. The game does also feature limited PC gamepad compatibility.

Release and Freeware Status

When Bio Menace was released in 1993, the first episode, "Dr. Mangle's Lab", was released under the shareware model that Apogee used for a number of their games such as Duke Nukem and Commander Keen. The shareware distribution model offered a portion of the game for free, through online distribution hubs such as bulletin board systems, to attract attention to the game and the commercial version which included the two additional episodes.

The game was re-released in October 2014 in the 3D Realms Anthology which includes more than 30 classic games from Apogee including the before mentioned Duke Nukem, Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project, Wolfenstein 3D, and Alien Carnage to name a few.

Bio Menace was released as a freeware game in December 2005 by 3D Realms and continues to be available on their site for free download with email registration. This version of the game has an updated installer which runs the MS-DOS emulator DOSBOX automatically in the background. The game can also be found on many third-party sites as well but the majority of those are the original MS-DOS version of the game which will require you to install and start-up DOSBOX separately from the game. Download links to 3D Realms and a few of the more reliable third party websites can be found below.

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