Here's How to Use Bing to Browse and Search for Videos

How to use Bing Video to stream free music videos, trailers, and more

Happy audience enjoying watching entertaining video on website using computer as movie theatre

Elly Walton / Getty Images

Microsoft's search engine, Bing, is one of the best search engines available, and not just for its web and image search functionality; you can also use Bing for videos.

Unlike dedicated video streaming websites that only show you the videos they host themselves, Bing's videos are from a variety of sources, including YouTube, Vevo, Amazon Video, and MyVidster. By doing so, Bing is a one-stop search repository for all things video-related.

You can access Bing Videos in a few different ways, and lots of features make searching for videos in Bing much quicker and easier.

How to Find Videos on Bing

The quickest way to get videos to show up in Bing results is to access the Bing Videos page. From there, you can search for anything video related or browse through the menus.

If you type a word, Bing will sometimes suggest other words that go along with it. For example, searching for "cat" might garner suggestions like cat fails, cat compilation, funny cats, cat breeds, cat playing piano, etc. You can click those suggestions to alter the search results and fulfill those inquiries.

You can also find all sorts of videos trending this week without having to search for anything in particular, including music videos, viral videos, movie trailers, and TV shows. Each is in its own respective section on the Bing Videos homepage, and you can click See more next to any of them to see more trending videos in those categories.

There's also a dedicated Trending Videos section on Bing that makes it simple to find the top music videos, most-watched TV shows, movies in theaters and those that are coming out soon, viral videos from last week, and more.

Another way to videos on Bing is to search for something using Web Search and then append the word "video" after it, like "amazing cat videos." Video thumbnails will show the results so that you can jump right to them from there, without ever having to go into the Videos section.

Bing Video Features

Bing lets you preview videos before opening them by creating what looks like a GIF of the video you put your mouse over. The small thumbnail video will begin to play (with sound), providing a great way to quickly check out videos without having to visit their actual pages.

If you do click a video to open its full page, you aren't taken to the original site that's hosting the video but instead remain on Bing. This lets you see related searches and videos without having to go back to Bing's website.

You can always find the original source of the video at the bottom of the video you're watching. Most are from YouTube, in which case you can click the YouTube button to the right of the video controls, or click the video's title to go straight to YouTube's website. For others, choose the View page button to open the source page in a new tab.

As you scroll through search results, the page loads automatically to give you more videos without having you click through to different page results. This is really helpful, as you can scroll down as long as you want, given that there are videos that support your search term.

To save videos to watch them later, just hit the Save button below the video. A thumbnail and link to the video will go into your My saves page, where you can easily access it again in the future and categorize it into custom collections.

Bing also includes paid videos, but those are marked with a small green money icon to easily identify them as such. As you'd expect, you can't preview a paid video on Bing, and you're taken to the source website (usually Amazon Video) to purchase it.